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Live in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, or anywhere else in the valley? Let us take care of your Pest Control problem and get these pests out of your home.
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Pest Control in Las Vegas

Ant Exterminator and Control In The Vegas Valley

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Where there is a single ant, you can bet that the rest of its colony isn’t far behind. They are social insects, after all! While for the most part, the casual ant trail is more of a nuisance than anything else, there are times that when untended… ant infestations can go from annoying to threateningly serious.

In cities like Las Vegas, for example, where the climate lends itself for these little insects to thrive, large scale infestations can be quite common, unfortunately. Ants have to eat too, after all! When the ants choose to colonize your area, there could be very little that ordinary folk can do—and it’s time to call the specialists

Cricket Control Exterminator In The Vegas Valley

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Dealing with crickets can be especially tricky because these are creatures that are known for being noisy, right? It should be easy to tell when you’ve done the job because suddenly, everything will be silent and peaceful again! But what many don’t know is that when crickets feel threatened… they can actually go as deadly silent as the night before they come back out when they think it’s safe again!

This fact is only one of the many that you come to know when you’re an expert cricket exterminator, like the ones in the expert team that comprise the staff over at Ranger Pest Control. So, the next time that you think you’re dealing with a little bit of a cricket problem, you know who to call;

Eco-Friendly Pest Control in Las Vegas, NV

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In this kind of social climate, more and more people are starting to become aware of how they purchase goods and services. This means they care what happens to the product after they’ve used it, about how the product was made, and about the effect of using said product.

With Ranger Pest Control, these issues have been taken into consideration. In the services they render to Las Vegas and Henderson areas, and thanks to their team of ethical and experienced experts, they offer organic pest control services for both residential and commercial homes and other areas. Their products are also organically and responsibly sourced!

Now, what’s the big deal about all this organic business? What does it mean?

What Does It Mean to Go Organic?

When people say organic, they often equate it as something safe and non-toxic. The argument here is that there are many natural things found in the wild that are toxic by nature. Pest control methods that use organic products are still, by definition, toxic to pests, as they help eliminate them, but harmless to humans.

When Ranger Pest Control says that their products are organic, it indicates that there are no synthetic substances or harmful, harsh chemicals or preservatives – which makes them relatively safer to use. Also, these kinds of organic products and methods that Ranger Pest Control implements are also kinder to the environment as the use of these things is much more eco-friendly than older, more traditional methods of pest extermination.

The Importance of Responsible Pest Control

Everything is connected and everything comes at a balance, as it must and as it should.

This is no longer a time when people simply do things for the sake of convenience without looking at the consequences of their actions. Where pest control used to be with the sole intention of extermination, these services are now learned and responsible enough to understand the kind of impact their services can do to the ecological balance of the surrounding area.

Take bee removal, for example. This is a tricky kind of situation because of the precarious state of bees right now and how important they are for the ecosystem. Bees cannot simply be destroyed—they must be carefully and expertly moved. For different kinds of situations, the removal of certain infestations must be handled in ways only learned, seasoned professionals can attend to.

Fortunately, that’s exactly the kind of team that Ranger Pest Control has! With years of experience under their belt and the right kind of tools for the trade, their organic pest control is the only one you’ll need in the Las Vegas and Henderson area!

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