About Ranger Pest Control

We Treat You Like Family.

More than your regular pest control service, Ranger Pest Control is a company that you and your family can trust.

We are a family-owned company that truly values integrity and in providing service that exceeds our client’s expectations. We know the dangers that pests can pose and also understand the responsibility that comes with services in an industry that is littered with harmful old methods and chemicals. Modern, humane, and effective is what we are about.

We guarantee you’ll be happy with our services.

Why Ranger Pest Control?

Pest Control is an old industry, for there have been pests that pose problems for people since the beginning of time. As with time, however, there comes modernization and advancement in technology. To save on cost, many traditional pest control services abide by these old methods that might be causing harm to the environment.

With Ranger Pest Control, you get effective and modern methods and materials that are not only cost-efficient but are also eco-friendly. They understand better than most that there is a lot at stake that comes when you don’t do a job as well the first time. That is why they guarantee excellent services, every single time.

Where Ranger Pest Control began?

Founded in 2015 by the Hardinger brothers, Vance and Ethan, Ranger Pest Control offers professional services that help control and exterminate residential and commercial pest problems.

Based in Nevada, Ranger Pest Control can cover all areas in Las Vegas and Henderson. With a thriving social scene and booming economy, pests can pose a lot of problems for everyone involved. That’s why it is so important to get services from experienced experts who practice safe, modern, and responsible methods of pest control.

The Hardinger brothers understood this need and seek to offer their services to those who might need it. Vance Hardinger, owner and operator at Ranger Pest Control, says, that in this family business, “service and value” come above all else. With satisfied customers all around the Las Vegas area and then some, you will be able to trust that these are professionals you can put your faith into for all your pest control needs. No infestation is too small or too great for this company!

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More than your regular pest control service, Ranger Pest Control is a company that you and your family can trust.
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