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Pest Control Pigeon Removal Las Vegas NV

Do they harm you and your property?

The woodpeckers commonly found in spring and the fall season throughout the city. With the pointed beak and long tongue, they probe through cracks and crevices for food.

You can find over twenty species in the United States and migratory. They feed on grubs and insects and vary in color and size. The most common species is The Northern Flicker.

You may feel having one in the garden is not a problem, but we have had many complaints from residents about them. Ranger Pest Control is a woodpecker removal & control service in Las Vegas.

So why are people giving us a call about the feathered friend—let us find out?

The Drumming Sound of the Woodpecker

The woodpecker is an intelligent bird and where there are trees you can find them drumming away searching for food. With their tail, feathers they balance and have powerful neck muscles to drive a blow into the wood. They vary in size ranging from seven to 15-inches.

You can see them displayed with a pattern of black, white, and brown with vivid red markings around the face. Further, they have two backward pointing claws to climb and grasp structures and trees. They nest in dead trees and live near water sources. The likeliness is if your premises border wooded areas, the activities heightened.

They move from one tree to another drumming away and eventually move into your yard looking for food. Sooner or later, they peck at eaves, siding, and trim of buildings. Why as the amplification that the structure produces sounds the same as that of a tree.

What damage do they cause?

When the woodpecker drums on trees, they are part of nature, but once they move to your home, they cause extensive damage. They drill holes in wood sidings, peck at downspouts, gutters, and even metal tanks. During spring and fall when males attract mates, the hammering becomes worse and they cause significant damage to structures. Sometimes they drill holes beneath wooden shingles and siding to store food and can weaken trees over time. And finally, yet importantly, their constant hammering becomes an annoyance when you want to sleep late.

Take Control Today

If you have noticeable woodpecker activity in your garden, you need to take action quickly. You need to have the holes repaired and painted. You can use visual deterrents to prevent insects from nesting around the house. With the lack of food sources, it forces them to move to another location. Further, you can cover the damaged areas with netting, predator decoys, and screens.

The Problem with Woodpeckers

The problem is that woodpeckers return to the same place one establishing food. Contact a trained woodpecker removal professional to have them removed humanely. We have the experience and tools to carry out a removal procedure the correct way in Las Vegas.


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