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Do you think you have a wolf spider in the home? Contact Regent Pest Control your wolf spider extermination and control in Las Vegas provider. The name covers a huge family of spiders that are dark-colored and very athletic. You can come across them all over the world and even in Nevada. So what makes this specie so unique, let us find out?

The Unique Wolf Spider

The fascinating thing is the spider does not use a web to catch its prey and hunts for it. They use their strong body with sharp eyesight and have unique parenting habits. You can find them outside in the grass, desert, wetlands, and forest where they hunt for insects.

The spider has a brown, black, gray, tan color with dark markings or stripes. The color helps to camouflage them when catching prey and protects them from predators. They can grow over an inch, and the male is smaller than the female. Furthermore, they have a distinct eye arrangement as the front row comprising four small eyes the same size arranged in a straight row.

The back row of eyes arranged in a V-pattern and they have excellent night sight. Another fascinating thing is their eyes shine when it is dark. When threatened they will bite you, but their venom is not harmful to you. You may find some redness and swelling but need no medical attention.

Another interesting fact is they are solitary and roam alone during the night stalking their prey. Many people have mistaken them for a tarantula as they live on the ground and in trees. You can find them hiding in the vegetation in the garden. One more attention-grabbing thing is that they jump on the prey and hold their food between the legs while rolling over on the back and trapping it.

When it comes to mating, they use their eyes. The male signals interest to the females by waving the pedipalp in a particular way or bang them together. A female can lay dozens of eggs and wrap it in silk to create a sac that she carries attached to here. If the eggs separate from her she, will look for it and is very aggressive while carrying the eggs.

After eggs hatch the spiderlings catch a ride on her back, and she will carry them for days.

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The wolf spider is native to Nevada and you can find them frequently in the area and can bite if provoked. Do you feel you have a spider infestation on your premises contact us today to investigate it? The majorities of home spiders are harmless but if you are afraid of them, contact us today. We will present you with a free of charge quote to help solve the problem.


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