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Occasionally, everyone loves a good jump scare watching a scary movie with ghosts and spiders. A fact is many people are afraid of this hairy eight-legged pest. The thing is the fear does not stop here as people have all kind of pest phobias (wishing there was a spider exterminator near by).

People dread big dogs, bears, lions, and the truth is they could turn you into an afternoon snack. However, bugs are tiny creatures you can trample on them, but why do you freak out? You may think a bug phobia is foolish, but the truth is everyone has some reason to dislike the creepy crawlies.

But why let us find out.

Pests are Unfamiliar to Us

When you think of creatures, the bear is more death defying than a turtle. However, which are cuter the baby bear or the baby turtle? The baby bear is more adorable. But why, animals like monkeys, lions, bear, and elephant have a face similar to ours. Further, they have other anatomical features the same as humans.

When looking at these creatures, we see a bit of ourselves in them and comforting to the mind. We are social beings, and it extends beyond communication with other humans. A fact is you would rather spend time with your dog or cat, as they are more relatable.

You know when your pets excited, hungry, sad, and angry because of their behavior that is similar to yours. You connect with them because you understand them. Okay so what about bugs.

Bugs have weirdly shaped bodies with many legs, and they do not like us (at least that is what you think.) They look unsettling as some have black eyes and other multiple eyes. What do you see when you look at an insect? The first thing that comes to mind is an extraterrestrial.

Moreover, the majority of us hate what we see.



We Associate Pests with Death

What is scarier for you? For many people death is scary. How many times have you seen a swarm of insects swarming over a field leaving nothing behind? Alternatively, perhaps you have witnessed bugs swarming over a dead rodent. A fact is that each pest plays a significant role when it comes to the natural decomposition process.

You will notice millions of small bugs prowling a once living thing leaving only the bones behind. However, humans are no exception as forensic science uses bug activity levels to determine a person’s time of death. The amusing thing is we go to significant measures to keep them away from the dead.

Insects are part of natural life cycle. They have evolved in our eyes as symbols of death. You see it in games, TV, and movies highlighted as omens of death and decay. They are sometimes indicators of evil spirits and more. Let us face the facts it is hard to see a cockroach coming out of a possessed person’s mouth. Do you agree it freaks you out?

Some Pests are Dangerous

A fact is that you learn from your experience. Maybe you sat on an ant colony as a child. With the reaction of them climbing over you, it built up fear for them. Perhaps your mom is frightened of spiders, and in turn, she builds up the same fear in you.

However, when it comes to bugs, many of us have a level of inborn fear. A group of researches in Germany and Sweden tested the theory by showing images of different pests to babies. The pictures of flowers and fish caused no reaction while snakes and spiders caused the infant’s pupils to dilate signifying fear.

A fact is the fear keeps us safe.

However, there are dangerous pests. Certain insects have lethal venom and are hazardous to us. Though, the biggest threat is the allergic reaction caused when bitten. Years ago the flea, mosquito, and tick carried different plagues and diseases. People who avoided the insects did not die.

So when you see that gigantic spider in the movie, and it sends shivers up the spine, know that you are not alone. The innate discomfort is part of any human experience. Moreover, if you fear that creepy crawlies moving into your house give Ranger Pest Control a call.

We will help rid those spiders, scorpions, and cockroaches from your home.


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