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Scorpions are relatively common in the southern United States because they prefer desert climates. Since they hide in dark, cold areas, they may find the most suitable residence in your attic, basement or cramped spaces in your home.

It isn’t a pleasurable experience seeing a scorpion in your home, and although most of them aren’t dangerous, you should be careful in the Las Vegas area. Bark scorpions are the commonest and, regrettably, the most poisonous kind in North America.

If you spot any scorpions in your home, “Who do I call if I find a scorpion in my Las Vegas home?” Read on, and you’ll learn everything you need to know and who to call.


What kind of Scorpion is in my Las Vegas Home?

It is easy for any pest control company operatives in Las Vegas to recognize the types of a scorpion. For homeowners, it may not be as easy, and the last thing to do is try and get a closer look to see if you can distinguish the type.

Bark scorpions are very common in Vegas, and these are the kind that will most often be found. Rather than being black, these are a light brown in color; and grow to three inches in length. You can see their thin tail with the stinger posed ready for its prey.

These are good at climbing and will amass in groups. You can see them in bathtubs, sinks, or dark closets. Just remember, they won’t always be at the level of the floor.

Bites can cause you to feel numb, tingle, have blurred vision, and your muscles can twitch in spasms. If you are bitten by one of these bark spiders, you need medical attention before you call your local Las Vegas pest control.


What to Do With Scorpions in the Home?

There are some things you can do to help minimize the risk, and hopefully, reduce the chances of being stung. Here are a few things you can do around the home.

Block holes: Just like with any insects, ensure all holes and gaps are sealed

Reduce scorpion hideouts: Keep bins away from your home, put your pot plants on stands, and keeping your yard clean and tidy.

Avoid a messy kitchen: Anything that will attract insects makes the ideal feeding ground for scorpions. Keep areas clear of other insects, and you won’t have as many scorpions in that area.

Standing water: Scorpions will look for water, so make sure you have no pipe drips in dark areas, or there is no standing water around the home.

What is the Best Solution for Getting Rid of Scorpions in Las Vegas?

You do need to take some caution if trying to rid your home of scorpions. Glue traps can be used, yet this doesn’t kill them, and they may not die from insecticides. These insects are faster than you realize, and making them angry can be the worst thing you do.

The best way to deal with this is contact, Ranger Pest Control. You can join the other hundreds of homeowners who are scorpion free or any other insects you may find you have any issues with.

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