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How many times have you encountered a bat in your home?

The likeliness is not much, but there can be a small number lurking in the roof.

These usually are not much of a concern. However, if the colony grows, the problems start as it causes guano buildup.

Having a small colony might not be a problem, but it is best to deal with it before it does become one and you find yourself with the need for bat removal services.

Bat colonies grow every year, and the babies born join the settlement.

This is when your small problems become a massive one as you can end up with thousands of bats living in the roof. Having bats, living with you can range from minor concerns to life-threatening situations.

Occasionally you hear squeaking and rustling of their wings in the chimney, attic, or walls. The noise is unsettling and becomes a nuisance. Sometimes you may even find one in the living area.

Furthermore, if one of them dies in the walls, you start getting an unpleasant stench of the bat decaying. These are minor problems, but you should not ignore it as it can grow into a huge concern.

Do you smell unpleasant odors in your home? You may have bats making the attic their home and the stench is the result of the bat’s dung. If you have a settlement of bats, there is up to 40 bats leaving their guano daily. The droppings accumulate, and the stench moves throughout the house.

The odor is terrible and becomes fatal for your health. Not only is the smell unbearable the bats cause damage to the structure of the building as well. Bats chew the walls and damage wiring and insulation.

Bat Colonies Carry Disease

Bats do not carry disease, but the guano buildup causes a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatam. The spores are small and become airborne traveling into your living area. Once inhaled, the fungus causes histoplasmosis an infection in your lungs.

Occasionally the infection does clear up but can become chronic and needs treatment. If you suspect you, have bats and find you are having problems with your lungs you must not leave it untreated. The disease spreads to other organs and is fatal.

Other severe risks, while rare, are the transmittal of rabies if one does bite you. The virus causes brain inflammation, and very few bats carry the disease.

What should you do? If you hear, squeaking sounds or smell something terrible figure out where the bats are entering the home. You will need to remove them and prevent the bats from returning. Bats love a warm attic so you can be sure they will make it their permanent home.

The colony will only leave at night to feed, and during the winter, they migrate to return in the summer. To find the entry point look for bat guano or urine on the exterior of the roof and walls. Alternatively, you can wait until dusk to see where the bats are exiting, as they will leave in large groups.

Some common entry points are vents, gaps in eaves, ridge caps, and the fascia boards. Unfortunately, it is illegal to fumigate bats, and you cannot seal them out, as there may be flightless babies in the roost.

All of this, you need to do the legal route and best to call in a professional.

So if you are currently facing this problem give Ranger Pest Control a call.

We will help you find the best legal way to rid your home of the bats.

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