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Ant Hill Stinging Foot Las Vegas Backyard

Previously Ranger Pest Controlled discussed how you prevent ants from entering your home. The insect is one of the most significant annoying pests you can find in the house. In a recent survey done by the National Pest Management Association, they found three types of Ants in Las Vegas causing havoc where they go.

The three main culprits are the pavement ant, carpenter ant, and the odorous ant. These insects are sociable, and once they invade the premises, they come in large numbers. The hard worker and reproductive ants can even comprise of more than one queen. Eliminating a colony is very important.

The pest does not transmit diseases, but a significant number of them can become overwhelming, as they inhabit your life. They live in your bathroom, kitchen, and travel throughout your living space. So why must you be concerned about these central three ants, let us find out?

Why Do You need to be concerned About the Las Vegas Ants?

When a colony of ants moves into your living area, they are not threats to you but more annoying. However, three species cause havoc for any residential or commercial building.

The Carpenter Ant

The genus name is CAMPONOTUS and is one of the most abundant ants found in the USA. The standard color of this species is black, but also seen in a brown color. The colony has one queen, and she breeds continuously to bring forth more worker ants. The pest starts by building a single settlement at first and starts expanding to other satellite colonies.

The insect prefers to nest in damp wood found around the home. They excavate tunnels also known as galleries and cause structural damage. Outdoors these ants nest in bases of trees, railroad ties, woodpiles, and more. The preferred food is sweet substances.


Also known as the TAPINOMA SESSILE, the ant has a dark brown to blackish color. All the workers are similar in size and referred to as sugar ants, stink ants, coconut ants, as they have a distinct odor when you crush them. They adapt quickly to different climates and commonly found in the U.S.

Furthermore, the ant has more than one queen and colony. Their social behavior is complex as one queen can establish another colony by herself or join up with another group of workers. They move quick and once alarmed they release a pheromone to alarm others.

You can find them beneath pieces of debris and wood in surrounding landscaping. If you have trees or shrubs close to the home, it offers them access inside. They are not a threat to the building, but with a big colony living inside, the odor can become overwhelming.

The Pavement Ant

The TETRAMORIUM CAESPITUM has a dark color in brown or black. In the southwest, the population rates growing fast and they have a small stinger. The insects not aggressive to humans and they are not poisonous. The colony you can find near your pavement or stones in the yard.

The nests ordinarily shallow and temporary and they begin with a single queen and may add more as the colony grows. They tend to move nests often and can burrow deep under your house. They are the scavengers of the house and feed on fats, other insects, proteins, and sugar found in the home.

Do You Have an Ant Infestation?

If you think, you do have one call a licensed pest professional to take care of the problem. We are standing by to take on any small to large ant project. In general, they are harmless, but over time, they can cause structural damage to your property. Let us know today what is bugging you and get a free quote.


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