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Ranger Pest Control Your Spider Removal Specialist

Spiders for many people are creepy, and there are more than 35,000 species around the world. Even Antarctica has spiders, and not all of them are venomous, but they can still bite you making you feel sick. They are predators that hunt for their food and use venom to subdue their prey.

While there are over 3000 types of spiders found in the USA, alone you can still see other spiders in your area and migration is common. In Nevada, there are different species found, and two of them are dangerous. This is where we are your spider exterminator Las Vegas specialist to help determine and control the spiders found around your property.

Most Common Las Vegas Spiders

Here is a list of the most well-known spiders found in different areas in Las Vegas:

Black Widow

This is the most dangerous spider and very venomous. As deadly as they are the Black Widow also has a sinister appearance. They are quick, aggressive and do not fear animals or humans. The will not be afraid to attach you when close to their nest. They have a black color and have colossal venom sacs. A female can lay eggs up to eight times during the summer, making them aggressive for a long time. If bitten by a Black Widow you will suffer severe pain and muscle spasms and need to get immediate medical care.

Brown Recluse

The spider has a light brown color with long straight legs and runs fast. They can grow big and become aggressive. Their venom is not as toxic as the Black Widow, but remains dangerous and leads to skin laceration. The chance is if you get a bite from this species, you may have to undergo skin grafts.

Camel Spider

This is a typical house spider with a tan color and looks similar to a scorpion. You can find them indoors and outside and have huge mouths that give you a hard pinch when they bite. They are not toxic to humans but do carry venom which causes allergic reactions in some humans.

Wolf Spider

This species has a dark brown color with a lot of hair over the body. Their appearance can vary, as there are many different types of this species. They are fast and have excellent eyesight. They carry their sack of eggs with them on their back and can lie up to a 100 eggs at a time. They hunt at night, and you cannot see them during the day. They love hiding in warm areas, and they are venomous but not lethal to humans.

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

Keeping spiders out of the home is difficult, and you will need professional help. This creepy crawlies climb through openings into the house and are good at hiding themselves. They tend to place their webs where they feel their food will pass. Always look at door openings and windowsills inside and outside. They love hiding in dark areas and can even live under your bed or dresser. If you are uncertain where to look for them—contact Ranger Pest Control to see if your home has a spider infestation. You do not want a black widow or a brown recluse causing chaos in your home.



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