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The Bird that Adapts to Aerial Feeding

The early morning sky in the city brings many swallows darting above the ground for a treat. Sometimes you see them swooping over the fishpond to drink water and offers you a magnificent aerial display. You can find up to eight different species, but two of these species frequently become a nuisance.

Ranger Pest Control is your sparrow removal & control service in Las Vegas. The two common species found is the barn and cliff swallow. They make their home in human-made structures and buildings, as it is an excellent nesting place. But why do you need to have the bird removed and controlled?

Let us find out!

Swallow Appearance

The barn and cliff swallow has a similar look, and both have steel-blue coloration found on the head. The same colors displayed on the back and wings. On the face, abdomen, and breast you will see a lighter white or rust-colored plumage. The cliff sparrow’s tail is squared, and the barn swallow has a long forked tail. Have you seen one of these in your garden?

The reason we are asking is that both the species become exposed to humans. When in the wild they build their nest in caves, rock crevices, open expansions, and cliff faces. They nest close to the water and construct the nest of mud and water. You can see their nest high up beneath overhanging ledges, and walls.

The barn swallow has the same mate for life, and they work in pairs to build a nest. Further, the birds nest singly and in small groups compared to the cliff swallow that lives in colonies. They do not enter the home but construct their nest on the exterior overlooking fields or water.

You will see them during spring and summer and migrate during the winter to return to the same nesting spot.

They Become a Health Hazard

Swallows do not harm you, but they do carry a health risk when in large numbers. Furthermore, the nests cause damage to your property. If you have a colony of cliff swallows in the yard, it causes severe harm as they nest over doorways and the droppings are hazardous. Further, they contaminate valuable in warehouses as the droppings drop below. Another creepy thing is they carry a bedbug in the nest known as the swallow bug, which bites animals and humans.

Take Control Today

The best way to control a swallow infestation is to modify areas found around bridges and buildings. By using a mesh screen of plastic or wire strung across the top of the building is an excellent solution. Another great way is to use bird spikes to help discourage them from roosting in your yard. The bird is not easily frightened, and exclusion is to install fiberglass panels beneath eaves.

However, due to the laws in protecting wildlife using trapping or killing of the birds prohibited. You need a permit to remove the nests even if it is outside the nesting season. If you do have a large swallow colony that is posing a threat to your personal space, contact us today.

We have the skills and tools to implement an effective swallow removal acceptably. Solve the problem the legal way before taking it into your own hands. Let us help you with your swallow problem.


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