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Are you concerned about snakes making their way into your home? Ranger Pest Control is your local snake removal and exterminators Las Vegas, service provider. We have years of knowledge in taking care of the problem. We are here to help you with some tips on how you can remove snakes from your property.

Leave the Snake Alone and Walk Away

There is a good chance the snake is only passing through the yard. Further, it could be harmless and even useful to have the snake around. The thing is that not all snakes need a snake removal and play an essential role in keeping rodents off the property.

So what should you do? You can leave it be, or you can contact a snake removal service if you are uncertain if it is a Copperhead Snake or Cottonmouth Snake. You may be surprised that it is a harmless Garter Snake.

Get Yourself a Snake Trap

Do you feel threatened by snakes? Are you scared the reptile may come indoors you can always buy a snake trap?  However, you need to remember that it is not as successful outdoors as indoors. The problem is that you can capture other insects, birds, or rodents on the sticky pad. The snake trap can catch up to a five-foot long snake. The traps lined with rodent urine and gland oil scent to attract the snake.

Make a Habitat Modification

If you have snakes on the property, the likeliness is certain features are attracting them to the house. The possibility is that you have overgrown shrubs and debris. The reptile likes a safe place to hunt or hide. Thick vegetation is a big attractor as it is the home to small rodents.

The best is to keep the property clean and trim back vegetation. Try to eliminate rock, plywood, and make sure to check under the shed. Fill up unnecessary gaps under stones with rubble and install an exclusion barrier such as a steel screen. Seal any opening with polyurethane and install weather stripping under doors.

Make use of Snake Repellent

Using a snake repellent is another excellent way to prevent the reptile from entering the property, but is not always effective. The best repellent is the scent of mongoose urine or kingsnake musk, but these are not available to the public.

The problem is that the majority of repellents sold online is bogus and made of mothball flakes and poisons the environment. Another problem is the two repellents that do work such as the mongoose urine washes away quickly.

The best practical way is to hire a professional to inspect the property and help with constructive ways to keep the scary snake of the property.

Hire the Professionals

As a professional snake exterminator, we can help solve your problem. Always remember that the majority of snakes are beneficial for the environment and many of them are harmless. As you can see, there are different options available to prevent or capture snakes by yourself. However, if you are scared of them, the best is to call a professional to help. So leave the snake alone and call one of our professionals to remove it and take it to a safe place.



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