Most Common Scorpion Species Found In the City

There is nothing more overwhelming than finding a scorpion in your home. A fact is that these pests enjoy dry and cool places and you will find them scaling your walls during the night. You may even see them hiding at your pool during the day.  Have you recently been pestered by these critters and need a helping hand—call in a scorpion exterminator Las Vegas service to help you get rid of them today? So what are the most common species found in the city and what should you do if you are stung by one—let’s find out?

Most Common Scorpions Found in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a fantastic nightlife, weather, shopping, food, and entertainment… but with it comes the desert. This is the ideal home for scorpions, and they can also find their way into your business or home. In Nevada, you can find 25 types of scorpions, but we have selected four of the common ones found around the city.

The most important thing is not to panic when you find one, but please do be careful. Immediately contact Ranger Pest Control to help exterminate them. These night-time critters are difficult to notice in the dark, but you can easily step on them. Here is how you can differentiate between the different species. The truth is that not all scorpions are venomous. The Arizona bark is one of them, but best to tread lightly around them.

A Giant Hair Scorpion—Arizona

This species grows over four inches long and live on small lizards, spiders, and other scorpions. Their body is covered in dense hairs and the dorsal surface (back) is a dark color or black.

The Arizona Stripetail

Compared to the above type of scorpion this one is shorter and grows up to three inches long. The best way to recognize them is the ring-shaped stripes found around the back.

Arizona Bark Scorpion

The Arizona Bark grows about three inches long. They climb rough surfaces and move in packs. So if you notice one, the chance is there are more around. This scorpion is one of the most venomous types found in Las Vegas and entire North America.

The Yellow Ground Scorpion

They have a yellowish color and look the same as the Arizona Bark. The big difference is that they have two metasomal segments. The first two parts of the tail are more extensive or even sometimes longer.

The Most Venomous Scorpion—the Arizona Bark

The scorpion is a well-known guest in many Las Vegas business and homes. The species is small and has a light brown color. It can grow up to 3-inches in length, but the female is a bit smaller. Their tail is thin, and it has a curved stinger. Furthermore, it has pedipalps and eight legs.

They are fast and hide well indoor in sinks, drawers, dark cabinets, and shelves. The important thing is to watch out for them at night as this is when they are active. They hunt for crickets, spiders, small insects, and cockroaches. The venom is dangerous and causes severe pain, vomiting, and illness that can last up to three days.

Deaths caused by these scorpions are rare, but for young children and older people and pets, it can become severe.

What Should You Do If Stung by a Scorpion?

Whether you are stung by an Arizona bark or any of the other familiar species found around the city—immediately wash the area with soapy water and apply cool compression. Call or visit a doctor right away as scorpion bites are dangerous for you. You will feel severe pain, stinging feeling, vomiting, and feel sick up to three days.

To ensure that your premises are scorpion free you can call us today and have them removed from the property. We can detect them with a black light exclusion service and flushing agents. With the black light, the exoskeleton of the scorpion glows making it able for us to collect and remove them.

With the help of aerosols, dust, liquid, and baits we can help reduce the insects that act as their primary food source attracting them to your home. This prevents them from entering your home.



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