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Have you ever thought about how you can repel insects without using pesticides?

There is an alternative way of using plants for organic pest control. Therefore, if you are an insect magnet, you can plant a variety of herbs to repel insects from flies to mosquitoes.

Furthermore, you can add some beauty to your yard at the same time.

We all know how the Las Vegas summer heat devastates new plant growth and bring annoying pests with it. The professionals recommend you starting your garden early spring or fall.

You should plant the seed at nighttime when the temperatures are around 50°, and the climate in Southern Nevada during winter and summer is similar to some of the Mediterranean regions.

So turn your backyard into a mint, rosemary, basil, and lavender oasis today. Not only do they repel insect some of them you can even add to your food.

Organic Plants that Repel Insects Found In your Home

While some of the plants do rid your home of some insects, it will not repel every pest.

Basil – known to keep away flies and mosquitoes as it emits an aroma without the need of crushing the leaves. You can grow it in the backyard in pots, or you can keep some in the kitchen. All you need to do is pinch off the flowers for some afternoon shade to keep mosquitoes at away.

Lavender – not only does it repel flies and mosquitoes, but it also keeps moths and fleas away. Keep potted lavender around seating areas in the backyard or sunny locations. You can even keep one in the home to make lavender tea or essential oils as well.

Mint – helps to keep mosquitoes, aphids, and ants away. The insects hate the smell of the mint but do not plant it in the garden. The plant will take over and best planted in pots and keep it maintained by plugging the drainage holes. Now you can keep insects away while enjoying a refreshing mint tea or adding flavor to your food.

Chives are excellent insect repellents and easy to grow. The plant keeps household pests like the Japanese beetle, aphids, and ants away. The plant is part of the lily family, and the leaves and flower are popular to use in the kitchen and garden. You need to plant it in full sun.

Rosemary is another effective mosquito repellent and keeps harmful insects away from your vegetable plants at the same time. Use the stalks on your hot coals during BBQ evenings as it gives off an aroma that keeps mosquitoes away. Furthermore, it adds flavor to the food.

Therefore, what do you think of the collection of organic insect repellents? Start your herb garden today.

Now if you may have already applied these methods and still have issues with some of the insects, give Ranger Pest Control a call.

We will help get your problem under control with the best advice for your home and garden invaders.

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