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Rat Infestation Pest Control Las Vegas

Three Great Plagues Caused by Pests

Did you know that the different types of pests living in your home have caused suffering and even death in the past? Way before your Rat Control Las Vegas team began to control the vermin population, fleas and rats have infected humans with diseases and infections known in history. So what is an epidemic and how does it spread?

Definition of the Plague

The plague is a serious bacterial infection that causes death in humans. The disease affects your lymph nodes and causes a swelling turning into an abscess known as buboes. These infections are known as “bubonic plague” that took place years ago in Europe. According to different health organizations, the infection you can still find present in the rat population in North and South America.

The infections spread when a flea bites you that consumed the blood of contaminated rats. The bacteria are identified as Yersinia Pestis and have caused massive disaster in the world. Here is some background history of different plagues that took place years ago:

The Justinian Plague

The epidemic lasted up to three years and killed nearly 100 million people. The disease began in Africa and spread to Europe and the Mediterranean.

Black Death

During the 14th Century, the Yersinia Pestis killed more than 25 million people in Europe caused by the bite of a tiny flea.

Third Pandemic

Another epidemic took place during 1894 in China and spread to the rest of the world. The disease remained in overpopulated places until 1959 and killed over 15 million humans. The cause was fleas that traveled on brown rats, rice, grain, and people. Today there are still more than 2000 cases occurring globally.

Ranger Pest Control—Exterminating Rats and Pests

It is incredible that plague occurrences still take place currently. The infection remains dangerous and yet found on the Center for Disease Control list. The bubonic plague is a potential bioterrorism threat, but luckily, there is a cure with antibiotics. Even while the Norway rat commonly found in Las Vegas carries the infection with the flea, the chance is they will not cause another epidemic.

However, the important thing is to keep your business or home clean of these infestations. You can have periodic inspections done just to make sure your place is mice and rat free.  Any rodent needs food, shelter, and water to survive. All they need is a small opening to get in.

That gap underneath the door, a hole between cement blocks, or a hole in the utility lines coming into your home is an invitation for any varmint. Contact us today and have your C and R pest control done to keep your home pest free.


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