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What is the most dreaded household pest?

The mouse of course—this small critter spreads disease and make your living space filthy.

Not only do mice give you the jitters they always seem to be everywhere looking at you from every crook and nook in the house.

Do you have mice in the home? Is there shredded cardboard, small shaving of wood, or even feces, then you have mice and need to take action.

So how do you get rid of mice?

One way is with the classic Victor Mouse Trap with its spring-loaded design. The snare has worked effectively for centuries to take care of a single critter. You can find different mousetraps from catch-and-release, electronic, to glue traps.

Each one of them has their advantages to disadvantages and today we are focusing on the spring-loaded model to keep your living space mouse-free.

Therefore, there are some mistakes best to avoid, and we are here to help with some of the best tips in setting one up. The majority of guidelines work just as well with the catch-and-release and electronic models as well.

The first mistake you can make setting up a mousetrap is not using gloves. A fact is that the mouse can smell your scent and will avoid scrounging around the trap.

Furthermore, you need to use the correct bait as cheese may work for one but not the other. Instead of cheese, use seeds or nuts glazed with peanut butter or chocolate instead.

Now do not go and overdo it with the bait and only use a small amount and should not be in reach, as they will swipe if of the trap.

Start with unloaded traps at first!

Mice are skeptical creatures when it comes to human things. Set the trap without bait for a couple of days as it gives the mouse a false sense of security. Now start loading them with bait and gradually add more as you will be amazed at how much mice you will catch the first night.

Keep using multiple traps set two to three feet apart as the likeliness is if you have one mouse, there is more. Mice are productive breeders, and setting loads of them gives you a better chance to catch more.

The biggest mistake is not setting them in the correct place.

A fact is mice do not run across open spaces and prefer traveling under furniture or places offering cover. Place your mousetraps behind furniture, along walls, or nearest to a wall.

Check those traps, as the mouse problem will not go away overnight. Make sure the mousetraps working as mice can grab bait even without setting it off.

Mice are intelligent and can set off a trap and not be caught.

So how do you set a mousetrap the right way?

  1. Always wear gloves and use small amounts of bait such as peanut butter.
  2. Set multiple traps with the bait facing towards the wall and leave it for a couple of days. Do not place the spring.
  3. On the night, you plan to set the trap, add fresh bait, and trap the spring.
  4. Leave and make sure to check the traps the next day.

Now you have to up to ten traps at a time—does this sound like too much work! If it does, you need professional mouse control and removal.

Ranger Pest Control is such a service providing you with skilled mice control and removal.

We can help you with your squeamishness and work with you to determine the best technique to control the pest in the home and prevent them from returning in the future!

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