You can see pigeons just about anywhere when you’re in a metropolitan area. They are, after all, the primary urban pest in the fowl family! They are usually bluish grey in color with feathers that look kaleidoscopic in the light—with accents of greens and pinks, usually on their wings.

They appear everywhere in the city so the odds are if that you visit the Las Vegas or Henderson area, you will have seen a pigeon at least once a day. In smaller numbers, these birds aren’t a problem. Of course, they aren’t! Perhaps, they can be a bit of a nuisance when on a bad day, one so happens to shed its droppings on you—pity if you’re just about to head to a meeting or a job interview!

But in these controlled, small environments, they aren’t pests just yet. It’s when the flock starts to call your property home that these birds can become a serious problem. While there is no malice in their intent, there is a lot of damage that can happen when too many pigeons start to nest in your area.

What Kind of Damage Can Pigeons Do Anyway?

You might be thinking that pigeon control is something that you can handle on your own. After all, what’s a couple of birds on your property—right? Famous last words, so you’d better knock on wood that you don’t have to face that kind of trouble.

When they roost in your area, pigeons can cause a lot of trouble in more ways than one.

First, pigeons are pretty filthy. As birds that frequent metropolitan areas much like Las Vegas, they are no stranger to dump sites and other bacteria-ridden areas. They hang around pollutants and garbage-infested areas all the time! As they’re carriers of all kinds of bacteria, there’s no question that they could transmit diseases like encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, and toxoplasmosis onto your home if you’re not careful!

Second, pigeons can cause a lot of structural damage. It’s true! This is because in their biology, there is some toxicity that happens when they let out their droppings. The acid in their feces is actually quite corrosive. So, if there are too many pigeons on your property and they defecate, they could seriously damage on metals and other materials. This, to the point that some pigeons have even caused for debris to fall from structures! Their feces can also block and severely damage gutters!

Third, their droppings and filth can not just be an eyesore and sore on the nose when they roost at one specific area, but it can also cause for the area to be a health risk! From being carriers of disease as well as being able to cause physical damage, there is so much damage that these tiny birds can do when they roost by the numbers.

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How Does Pigeon Control Work?

Pigeon control, in terms of pest control, can be a tricky subject. While pests, they must still be treated and controlled with humane methods, like the ones that the professionals with Ranger Pest Control employs when dealing with pigeons.

When calling for pest control services to solve your pigeon problem, professionals first assess the situation and inspect just how bad it is. They then tailor their services for your situation, as is necessary. Through only the most humane and cruelty-free ways do they rid your home or commercial establishment of these pests, as is what any responsible and modern exterminators ought to do!

This kind of services allows not just for the pigeons to be dealt with in a way that is safe, but it also protects the inhabitants of the infrastructure from dangerous or potentially harmful methods or products. Keep yourself, your family, your pest, and the ecosystem safe—all the while dealing with your pigeon problem!

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