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Pest Control Service Las Vegas NV

Before contacting a pest control in Las Vegas, you can follow some simple tips to start using in your home today. The sooner you address the infestation, the faster you can free your living space for unwanted visitors. Whether it is a wasp, hornet, bee to bedbugs, there are great ways to prevent them access to your home.

Smart Pest Control Tips

For most flying insects such as wasps, you can use hairspray to rid your home of them. The spray acts as a repellent while killing existing bugs. Bedbugs are another infestation you do not want in your home. Here it helps to close holes and cracks in the floors and walls making it impossible for them to hide when eliminating them.

Maybe your home has an ant infestation. With a mixture of sugar and borax, it can help eradicate the small nuisance. The sweetness of the sugar lures the insect while the borax kills them. With a quart jar and a cup of borax and sugar, you can make holes in the lid and sprinkle it at the entryway of the small critter.

Here are some other helpful tips to use around the home:

Cleanliness – the best way to prevent pests is to keep the home clean from the walls to the carpets. Vacuum on a regular basis as it will rid some of the insects mostly found in the house.

Hairspray – use it as a perimeter spray to keep bugs away from the house. You can spray it on patios, around windows/doors, and use it on porches. The spray is even useful to use against flying insects such as mosquitoes.

Electronic pest repelling devices – place one in each room of the home as the buzzing sound keeps pests away. They are safe to use and is very sensitive to rodent’s ears.

Keep food in airtight containers – always store food in tightly sealed containers to prevent insects and rodents from causing havoc in the home. Further, the Tupperware will keep your food fresh for longer.



Keep the rubbish bins clean – when recycling make sure to keep the dustbin cleans as soda cans attract different pests with the sugar levels in the substance. Make sure to rinse the bins thoroughly and keep it clean and stored outside the home.

Light bulbs – outdoor lighting plays a significant role when it comes to entertainment, but they do attract pests. Use pink, yellow, or a tin of orange bulbs to prevent attracting bugs when hosting a party outdoors.

Mint leaves – to keep mice away you can plant mint around the foundation as the smell bothers them and other smaller rodents. If you have a mouse problem in the home, you can place some of the leaves in the area most affected. Always make sure the mint leave is fresh. Still make a comprehensive check of the basement as well.

Steel wool – is another great deter to keep critters and mice away. Mice and rats love to nibble through it and cause them issues. You can place it in opening measuring ½-inch as the pest can fit through small openings.

Scrub the drains – by keeping your pipes clean prevent fruit flies and other annoying insects from breeding there.

Seal up cracks and openings – by doing this; it prevents small rodents from entering the home you can cover it up with steel wool, a scouring pad, or odor repellent such as mustard oil.

Use sticky traps – to prevent the recluse spider from roaming the home place sticky traps around furniture and on walls. Furthermore, you can use a special spray to use around the perimeter of the home to prevent pests from entering the house.

Repair all leaks in the home – pests need water to live, and they can detect a leaking pipe from miles away. Prevent bug and rodents by making sure to inspect the plumbing around the home.

Remove standing water on the premises – insects live in standing water especially mosquitoes. As pest thrives on water, it is best to take puddles out of the equation. Clear bushes as it prevent bugs from coming onto the premises to close to the home.

Repair screens – by doing this you can keep flying insects outside and prevents crawling bugs with entrance to your abode.

By following the simple steps, you can prevent a pest problem in the home. However, if you have an infestation that you cannot cure with the above give Ranger Pest Control a call today. Our qualified team can help with removing bugs and rodents from your property.


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