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The Spider Exists and is Terrifying

The world is terrifying enough, but another worrying fear is added to your list the Orb Weaver Spider in Las Vegas. You can find the spider all over the planet, and there is no use of trying to hide from them. They do find you and best to be prepared with the right knowledge about them. But what makes them so terrifying? Ranger Pest Control is here to provide you with the experience if ever faced with one of these in your backyard.

A Horrifying Reputation

The Orb Weaver Spider has one horrifying reputation for trapping its prey usually more extensive than what they are. The golden orb-weaver is also known as the banana spider. The spider captures and consumes birds. But how do they manage to take down a large prey? You will be surprised by the answer believe us as birds are not the only food they eat they enjoy feasting on bats as well.

The horrific thing is not the bite, but their massive webs. The web can measure up to three feet across and brawny. The web becomes their permanent home and needs to be durable. Once the prey is snagged, they wrap it tight into a cocoon to feast on later.

It is a jungle out there, and they are a natural match for birds. Just looking at them is enough to make your hair stand up and leaves your skin crawling. On the legs, they have colorful bands and screams, “touch me and I will kill you.” They are huge but docile around humans.

Their venom is mild, and if bitten it causes numbness, swelling, and you do not need antivenin to correct it or save your life. Some of the orb-weaver spiders can measure up to five inches across and pretty immense for a spider. Recently, they discovered new species in Africa the Nephila Komaci that measure more than 5-inches across.

Another Disturbing Fact

For the male orb-weaver spider, it is a harsh world when it comes to mating. The male is smaller than the female, and the girls are ferocious. The male needs to approach her carefully not to become her meal. Even if he succeeds and gets the chance to get away the odds is he become the pray.

The estimate is 60% that male orb-weaver spiders are eaten after mating. Some are even consumed during intercourse, especially if the performance is inadequate. The body provides nutrients and helps to develop the brood. While they are harmless to humans, no one wants to share their living space with one of them.

If you plan on hunting for them in your garden, you will first have to get through their defense. The first line of defense is the bright colors found on the body and if not warned they intensely start to vibrate the web.

Do they ever become the prey?

The truth is that even the biggest one can end up on the menu. Some bird species have a method of plucking them from the web. A wasp also lands on the snare without being stuck. The insect makes as if it is trapped luring the spider towards it. Once the spiders in range it strikes and paralyzes the spider to eat it. The truth is all living creations have some form of enemy.

Have fun sleeping tonight as the Orb-Weaver is out there!

The truth is that giant spiders are invading Los Vegas as we speak. The Orb-Weaver might not eat people, but they do come out in significant number during the summer months. The truth is that they eat gnats and doing you a favor. They may give you a bite if you come to close or sit on them. Have you have seen one around the home give us a call to help remove it from the premises.


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