Pest Control Las Vegas Ants Eating Food

Everyone knows how quickly an odorous house ant can become a problem in any Las Vegas home.

They love sugary and protein content and referred to as the sugar ant. A fact is they do not bite or sting and do not pose a severe health risk for pets or humans.

The most significant danger is the odorous house ant population grows out of proportion and become difficult to control.

Do you have odorous house ants in the home? They are easy to identify.

The odorous ant has a brown or black color and grows up to ⅛-inch in length. Furthermore, they emit a strong odor when you stand or smash them.

The waists segmented and lack the bump or node commonly found on other ants. The insect does not have a stinger and not capable of harming humans.

The ant colonies huge and have multiple nests and makes it difficult to eliminate them from your property or home.

So what attract sugar ants to your home, as they are frustrating to have everywhere?

Yes, we know how annoying they can be, especially when you have an infestation and best to understand what attracts them. While the ant may be attracted to a variety of sugary foods, the ant consumes proteins, plant pollen, and fats.

Furthermore, the ant has five times more odor receptors compared to most insects and can smell food a mile away. The ants search for food commonly found in the home from unsealed food, garbage, crumbs, fruit, and more.

How do I prevent them from entering my home?

As with most pests, you need to prevent them from making your home their abode. Make sure food is stored properly as it helps to keep them away. You can take it a step further and limit the ways for them to enter as well.

Therefore, if you want to keep the sugar ant out of your Las Vegas home, you need to start putting in place preventative measures around the house.

You can remove lumber and bricks around the yard as it serve as a nesting site for these ants. Make sure to locate and seal all cracks on the exterior of the house and keep the landscaping tidy by trimming trees and shrubs. By doing this, you prevent them from accessing your living space.

Always make sure the inside and outside garbage are correctly sealed.

Do you have a sugar ant invasion? Call in professional odorous ant removal to help.

Getting rid of sugar ants is tricky and will need expert help. Ranger Pest Control is your skilled sugar ant removal service to help make your living space ant-free all year-round.

Give us a call and get one of our exterminators to give you a quote today.

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