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Las Vegas has been around since 1821. However, it wasn’t urbanized until 1902 when a railroad was constructed which linked Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.

Rafael Rivera was the person responsible for first using the name while he was traveling to Los Angeles. Las Vega history shows there were many water wells at the time which were surrounded by lush green areas.


Moving forward a few years to 1911. The city was incorporated as a part of Clerk County. It was another 20 years (1931) before the dam had its effect and water ceased once the now named “Hoover Dam” was constructed in 1931.

This brought with it plenty of young workers.


With this happening, hotels and casinos and theaters began to spring up. Which at the time were built and under the control of the mafia. It was electricity from the dam which made it much easier for the Casinos which went to form the Las Vegas Strip


Howard Hughes who was the world famous billionaire recluse made an appearance around 1966 which went a long way toward offsetting a lot of the mob influence. He was one of the forerunners who helped the conversion of Las Vegas into a tourist center which was more family friendly.


Fire in the Valley

It hasn’t been plain sailing for Las Vegas even though it has seen continual growth as a city from very early on. In 1980 there was a massive fire which razed the MGM Grand. It was devastating as 85 people were killed,and 785 were injured. Still, to this day, it remains the worst fire in the history of Nevada. After this, it was sold and later re-opened as Bally’s Las Vegas while MGM moved the location to Tropicana Avenue.



Las Vegas Recovery

With the crisis for home mortgages in 2007 and the recession in the latter part of the 2000’s even Las Vegas suffered. Construction was halted on almost everything with many being postponed or canceled. As a result gambling and tourism took a major hit which led many businesses reporting a yearly loss.


There were some significant landmark hotels constructed at this time,so it shows the resilience of Las Vegas as a whole. When you look at Las Vegas now and what projects are underway or proposed for the near future. The next stage of its development is just around the corner.


It seems it doesn’t matter what is thrown at Las Vegas. None of it sticks,and it continues to rise from the ashes on multiple occasions. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, or it could be. “No matter what happens to Vegas, Vegas stays.”


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