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If anyone mentions hiking in Las Vegas, there is one name that falls from everyone’s lips. Red Rock Canyon. This has to be the home of hikes and trails as there are no less than 26 hikes you can choose from.

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area falls under the control of the Southern Nevada Conservancy so there are rules and regulations which must be adhered to for all Las Vegas Hikes. Although they don’t want to be restrictive, these need to be in place to maintain nature as it is supposed to be. This being said there is no end of variation on every hike which can give a very different view of the novice hiker or the most experienced.


Physical Ability on Las Vegas Hikes

If you visit the Red Rock Canyon website. All of the trails are labeled with the round trip distance and the levels of exertion required. These fall into the following:

Easy – minimal uphill sections to climb and some terrain which is uneven.

Examples of easy hikes are:

Moenkopi, Calico Hills, White Rock, Willow Spring Loop, Petroglyph Wall Trail and the Lost Creek (Children’s Discovery).


Moderate – Some rock scrambling, single digit mileage and up to 500 ft. in elevation can be encountered.

Examples of Moderate Hikes are:

Knoll, Arnight, Dale’s, SMYC and La Madre Spring to name but a few.


Strenuous – these contain plenty of rock scrambling, over 1,000 ft. in elevation, double-digit mileage and plenty of challengingterrains.

Examples of Strenuous Hikes in Las Vegas are:

Ice Box Canyon, North peak, Bridge Mountain and Turtlehead Peak.


What to See on Las Vegas Hikes

All the trails will offer many varying scenic views. The more difficult ones will offer the best views of Red Rock Canyon as a whole due to their elevation. The moderate to easy ones will provide many varying views from desert to dense bushland which appears like a forest when there is water around.

A prime example being Ice Box Canyon (strenuous) where you find yourself in a cool shaded region that can have seasonal waterfalls depending on rainfall.

It is also possible to see numerous rock climbers who frequent the more challenging areas and a route to the top of the highest peaks.


Safety While Hiking in Las Vegas

It doesn’t matter which hike levels you face the same safety appliesto everyone. The three main areas are:

Desert Dwellers – the desert is home to rattlesnakes, scorpions,and venomous spiders. All of these should stay away from. And be wary if you move any boulders or stones.

Heat – summer months can see temperatures way above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Exposure to the sun should be limited as much as possible while enjoying your hike.

Water – at least one gallon of water per person should be carried while hiking during hotter weather. It is advisable to make sure you have this beforehand as once on your trail there is no place to purchase any apart from the Red Rock Canyon visitor center.


All of the Las Vegas hikes in Red Rock Canyon contain plenty to see which will amaze anyone who has never seen what nature is capable of in all its glory.


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