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Sighting of spiders is a natural part of daily life throughout the year, but spiders are particularly plentiful during the fall. As temperatures start to cool, the spiders begin to migrate into homes in search of refuge and a mate.

Like most pests, spiders don’t like the colder weather and are drawn to the warm, dark areas that are easily found within homes. Most species are harmless, yet no owner is keen on a spider infestation.

Fortunately, there are various means to prevent spiders from entering your premises, to begin with.

Keep reading the “Las Vegas guide to keeping spiders from your home.”


What Attracts Spiders to Las Vegas Homes?

As with any other pests, spiders move indoors for survival. A few things inside your property which spiders may be drawn to include:

  • Food: If there are other insects in your home because of food leftovers or a mess from cooking, spiders will come to feed on these insects.
  • Clutter: Piles of clutter, clothes, garbage, or anything like that are the ideal hiding places for spiders.
  • Heat and Darkness: Spiders target the warmest, darkest areas of your home.


Spider Proofing Your Home

With the exceptions of black widows and brown desert spiders, the majority of spiders are inoffensive and non-aggressive. Having said that, nobody likes to deal with excessive numbers of spiders in their homes, irrespective of what kind of spiders they are.

Successful keeping spiders out of your home demands the same level of effort needed for all kinds of pest control:

  • Search for entry points: These can be small holes that are not obvious at first. Seal these holes, cracks, and gaps around doors and windows.
  • Check boxes and furniture before moving: If you have had belongings in self-storage or your garage, check these are free from spiders before moving it into your home.
  • Keep your home clean: The cleaner you keep your home, especially the kitchen, the less chance there is of other insects.
  • Keep your garden clear: You may not think that keeping shrubs, grass, and flowers in a tidy manner can stop spiders coming into your home, yet these are the ideal hunting grounds for spiders in the wild, and it does bring them closer to your house.



Ridding Homes of Spiders with Las Vegas Pest Control

There is only so much you can do to stop spiders venturing into your home. To take this to the next level, you need the help of the local Las Vegas pest control services.

There can be nests of spiders that you are unaware of, yet skilled pest control operatives are trained to spot the signs of where these are. Ranger Pest Control has been helping homes in the region become clear of spiders and all manner of other insects that may take refuge at any time of the year.

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