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Black Ant Infestation In Vegas Home

How many times of you heard the saying, “Good night, sleep tight, and do not let the bed bugs bite.” Many times but this common phrase is in the dictionary for a good reason. The bed bug is the worst pest you can have in the home. They are challenging to see and as challenging to rid, but they have a mean bite. They lay hundreds of eggs and look as tiny as a dust particle. If you think, you have bed bugs and need to call a Las Vegas bug control there is specific steps to follow before the extermination.

How harmful is a bed bug?

The small critter causes many discomforts, as their primary meal is your bloodstream. Once they enter your system, they travel through the body and infect you from the inside in minutes. The common bed bug causes itching, rashes, and bumps. The bit is similar to a mosquito bite, and they are very deceptive. They can survive for months without food and travel with you from one country to another. The best way to rid the home of the infestation is to call in a bed bug exterminator. The problem is you get two types of bed bugs, and a licensed pest control investigator can tell the difference to use the right treatment best suited to your needs.

How to prepare your home for bed bug extermination:

Before the treatment, it is best to remove all the bedding and gather clothing, linen and more from the rooms. You need to remove all textile material that you can wash in a washing machine. Even the stuff that need dry cleaning must be removed. Wash everything that has had contact with the bedbug and clean & disinfect the items. Get yourself bags and bins, place the objects into them for storage, and make sure everything is sealed.

Empty all the closets where the bugs found or the closes where you kept the linen, clothing, and towels. The reason is that the exterminator needs access to them. Unplug the electronic devices in the place where exterminations are going to be taking place. By doing this, you make the home accessible for the technicians.

Clean the room thoroughly by vacuuming the carpet and any nook in the room. Do you own a steamer – steam clean everything in the place from the rug to cushions. Move all furniture pieces away from the wall and vacuum behind the furniture as well. You will stand with an empty room with only the furniture pieces left and everything else packed away.

After the treatment:

  • Try not to enter the place within three hours after completion.
  • Make sure all the items treated is dry and open windows and doors for some fresh air – the odor may be small but bringing in some light, and fresh air always does the trick.
  • Get yourself airtight protective bags to keep your bed and pillows when placed in storage.
  • You need to be prepared for a follow-up visit usually taking place after 20 days – these small insects are persistent and follow-up treatments necessary.

The big thing is that you need to remember any home can get bed bugs. It does not mean your house is filthy as they travel with you for miles from other destinations. The best is to inspect your mattress before you sleep in a hotel bed and check your luggage after every trip before entering your home.


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