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Bed Bug On Matress In Vegas Home

Identifying Bed Bugs

Currently, we have one major bed bug problem making its way around the city. Do you have bed bugs? Many, especially with the headlines news of this pest infestation, ask this common question. The truth is they are bloodsuckers, creepy, and active at night.

You wake up with itching in the morning and irritable skin. Just the idea of an insect feeding on you during the night gives you the jitters. Are you currently suffering from this or uncertain how to identify these insects you can have a Las Vegas Bug Inspection done? Rodent Pest Control can help!

How to Detect a Bed Bug Infestation

Detecting a beg bug is difficult as they are small and becomes a significant pestilence in homes. The pest is stealthy and works quietly, and you will not even notice they are there (until they start feeding on you.) The insect comes out late at night when you are in a deep sleep, and you do not even know they are feeding on you. Finding them is tricky, and as a bed bug exterminator, we are more than able to detect them for you by doing the following:

We do a visual inspection—they are hard to see with your eyes and with our help, we can find the evidence by looking at your bed. We inspect your nearby furniture and the surrounding area. By using a bright flashlight, we check for bed bugs in the cracks and seams of your upholstery and bed. The insect leaves small droppings that look like pepper and has a noticeable smell. The method is labor-intensive and takes a lot of time, and we do have other detection methods in place.

Using passive devices—this is another popular approach. We set up the gadgets in the area where the bug hides, especially the bed. The equipment does not attract the insect, but hopefully, they will wander into the apparatus. Once they enter the device, they become ensnared or killed. The problem is that you might execute some of them, but it does not eliminate the infestation.

Using an active device—this gadget lures the creepy-crawly to detect and monitor the situation to eliminate them. We may use CO2, chemicals, and heat to attract the bug. Using one of these devices is a great way to find out if you do have a bed bug infestation, but still does not help eliminate the problem. We can help you clear your home of bed bugs with other techniques.

Scent detection using a canine—this is another method by using a dog to smell out the little rascals. The dog is trained to detect bed bugs and is very accurate at sniffing them out.

Prevent Your Home from Becoming a Bed Bug Hotel

As your local pest control service, we offer some of these bed bug inspection options. Contact us today and schedule your home pest inspection before taking the matter into your own hands.


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