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Can You Scare Away Spiders? Interesting question as there are more than three thousand species in the United States. Residents know these eight-legged friends as they eat annoying bugs.

The biggest problem you face is that they are creepy and some are dangerous. The truth is that no one wants to live with a spider regardless of the service provided. So the next question, “How to prevent spiders in Las Vegas?” is a tricky one. You can keep the home free of spiders but it takes work, and if you have a massive infestation call Regent Pest Control today.

What Attracts a Spider?

Your home provides the spider with a safe place to live and offers them regular food. The spider eats ants, mosquitoes, and flies. By eliminating these insects is the best way to keep your home spider free. As ants are always present in the house and move around the home, a spider is more than willing to share your living space.

Always keep your rooms clean and free of food and drinks where the ant swarms. Eliminate standing water indoors and outdoors to prevent mosquito larva buildup. Furthermore, a spider loves undisturbed places like the doorframe or windowsills. Dark spaces in the attic, behind and under furniture, and clutter attract the eight-legged friend.

So keep your living area clutter free!

Common Spiders Found In the Home

You can find different spider species roaming around your home, but the most common ones are as follow:

  • The Black Widow: The spider has a black hairy body and the female has a red hourglass on her stomach. The spider is dangerous, and the female is She will attack if she feels you are too close to her nest.
  • Brown Recluse: Now if you thought the black widow is dangerous to do not underestimate this long-legged They move fast, and both the male and female is destructive. If they feel threatened, they will attack, but their venom is not as potent and causes a skin lesion.
  • Camel Spider: In Las Vegas, this spider is common in any home. They are small, and you can confuse them with a scorpion. The spider is not poisonous but can give a painful bite.

More Spider Preventions

Make sure to trim trees and shrubs growing around the house, as they love to make their webs in it. Gradually they work their way into your home entering through the window or doorway. As with ant prevention, you need to seal up cracks at the door and window. If there is a small space, they will enter.

And lastly, remove woodpiles and debris from the yard. Large piles of rubble and wood are an attraction for any spider as rotting wood brings bugs for them to eat. Make sure you keep your home clean by removing all spider webs you can find on a regular basis.

If you still find you have a significant spider problem contact a professional spider control service to help—our qualified staff is ready to take your call!


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