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How did the scorpion get into my home and how to prevent scorpions in Las Vegas are essential questions? How many times have you asked yourself the same question? Many times—as the scorpion is common in any home when living in North America. Some of these are the Desert Hairy Scorpion, Stripe-Tailed Scorpion, and Bark Scorpion.

The only two that pose a significant threat for humans is the hairy and bark scorpion. While the others do not cause a danger, they can still give you a severe sting. So let us answer the two critical questions asked.

How did the scorpion get into your home?

Scorpions seek shelter from the sun when in their desert environment. That is why your home is a great shelter, and bark scorpions easily find their way into your house. They enter through unsealed cracks in the foundation and walls. They can make their way in through unsecured windows and doors.

Once inside they hide in dark spaces under boxes and furniture, especially the bed. They live close to leaking faucets or plumbing as it provides them with water. Furthermore, the live on insects and eat ants to cockroaches in the home. To prevent a scorpion infestation the best is to seal up the house properly.

Occasionally they can hitch a ride inside items and best to check goods before entering your home. With a sealed house, the risk of them coming in is less frequent and keeping it clean is a more significant help. Keep clutter to a minimum and make sure to check your clothing before putting them on.

Hire a Scorpion Expert

Ranger Pest Control is a professional and licensed scorpion exterminator that can treat any infestation. We can manage the outside of your home to ensure that they stay far away as possible. If you find one hiding in your house, the chance is there are more. We will check through any crawl spaces in the attic and block wall fences.

Furthermore, we inspect closets, pantries, and every nook of the home. Whether it is plumbing, boxes, and shoe, we check everything. We will create a barrier to keep your living space scorpion free. One important thing to remember is that this pest can return and make use of a regular maintenance visit helps to spot them before they become a plague.

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