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One can find many different rodents in the home from your rat to the smallest mouse. You see the vermin invading homes and businesses alike, and no city is immune to them.

The most popular pest is the rat, and they are small and nasty. The varmint destroys everything in the way and spread diseases.

With their tiny paws, they sneak around and gnaw on everything they find. Once they have made your home theirs, it is difficult to remove them. Today Ranger Pest Control wants to answer one question, “How to prevent rodents in Las Vegas entering your home?”

We can help with this growing problem!

Facts about Rodents

Taking the roof rat as an example, they can grow up to 8-inches long and have long tails. The varmint weighs approximate 12-ounces, and the typical color is a blend of black and brown. You can also find them in whites, blacks, and gray. They are smooth to touch with their fur and have large ears. The critical part of their body is those large eyes with its pointy muzzle.

The rodent is agile and can climb high plus travel along rooftops, sewerage pipes, and power lines. Once they move in, they become like the annoying renter you are trying to evict. They inhabit the attic or above the ceiling and on top of cabinets. You can even find them moving inside walls.

The rat uses the external structure such as trees to stay above the ground. You can find them anywhere as they thrive on warmer temperature. The only time they will invade your premises is when they need food, shelter, water, and security. Not only can they thrive indoors they are adaptable to exist outdoors as well.

They reproduce as fast as cats and these infestations become out of control. So if you notice and scurrying around in the walls or attic the likeliness is that you have rodent nest.

How to Prevent and Rid Your Home of Rodents

We have prepared a list of some chores you can do to discourage pests from entering your living space here:

  • Keep trees and bushes maintained by pruning and trimming the branches around the home.
  • Do a thorough check on vents and make sure they a closed with fitting covers to prevent entrance.
  • Replace the caulk around the window, doors, and replace the weather strips if damaged.
  • Keep food sealed in airtight containers and do not leave food standing around for a long time.
  • Make sure faucets and pipes are not leaking and remove any water source outside and inside the home.
  • Replace damaged roof shingles and close up the chimney with a fitting cap.
  • Keep the yard around trashcans clean and a distance away from the house and wash them on a regular basis.

If you have noticed any rodent moving around your premises, make sure to give us a call. We can take care of commercial and residential pests. Get your free quote today!


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