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Think You Have Bed Bugs Call Ranger Pest Control

Currently how to prevent bed bugs in Las Vegas are on every resident mind. Why— the annoying creepy-crawly invades the city. For many hotels and resorts, these small pests have made their way into the popular tourist destination. The pest travels hidden inside guests clothing and luggage, and once they found a place to reside, they are challenging to evacuate off the premises.

Here we have some solutions for how you can prevent this nuisance from entering your business or home. But first, you need to know more about them.

What is there to know about Bed Bugs?

The small wingless insect feeds upon your blood, and adult bugs are about a ¼ -inch long. The pest has a flat oval body, and the color varies from white to a deep brown. They live in cracks throughout the home, their favorite place in the crevice of your bed and mattress.

The annoying bug comes out at night to feed and does not spread disease, but can cause bodily discomfort as you break out in a rash. And as with any irritation, you scratch, and it leads to an infection. So why are these nuisances returning from other countries?

The biggest culprit is the international travel and modern pest control practices. The common countries where you do find the insect are South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. With the growth of tourism in Las Vegas, the bed bug is traveling with the visitors into the city.

They attach to clothing and travel in luggage and with the ban of DDT in the 1970s; it changed the pest control methods available in baits and repellent. With the change, it makes it easier for the pest to avoid these methods.

How do you avoid Bed Bugs?

The best way to prevent an infestation with this bug is when you spend a lot of time on business trips abroad and the rest of the country. Once entering your hotel room makes sure to check it out for these annoying critters. Make sure to place your luggage on the rack as the metal and plastic structure makes it difficult for them to get into your backpack or suitcase.

Make sure the luggage rack is as far away from the wall. Check the headboard and mattress for signs of the bug. Pull back all the sheets and pillow coverings and check for dark brown spots on the bed. Check the creases and crevices for shed skin, fecal matter or live insects.

If you find the hotel or guesthouse you are staying has bed bugs, notify the front desk and be moved to another room (make sure to follow the same procedure when moved.) If you have unpacked, your clothing and times make sure to have them washed in hot water and dried in a dryer before heading to the new room.

What should you do if you have a Bed Bug Invasion?

If you fear that, you have a pest invasion look for the following signs:

  • Do you have itchy skin and welts on your body?
  • Have you found small blood smears on your bedding or a crushed insect in the bed?
  • Are there tiny dark spots on the box spring, mattress, or sheet (fecal droppings)?
  • Did you see shed bug skin?

With the following signs, you can determine a presence of some form of insect. The best solutions to call Ranger Pest Control to have it checked.

Furthermore, you can reduce clutter and thoroughly clean all the rooms in the house. Make sure to scrub surfaces with a stiff brush as it helps to dislodge eggs. Dismantle the bed frame, remove drawers, and turn them over where possible. Seal the used vacuum bags and place it outside in the trash. Make sure to steam clean carpets and encase your box spring and mattress with a specially made bag.

Tuck in bedding as it prevents it from touching the floor. You can place the bed frame in small containers with mineral oil. The important thing is to clean the entire house properly.

If you are uncertain you have, a problem with this annoying bug contacts us today to help rid your home of this hitchhiker.


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