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Mouse In Home Eating Food Las Vegas NV

In 2008, there was a report of the increasing rat population in the older neighborhoods in Las Vegas. One homeowner learned how bad the problem could become. Mr. Martinez could see them running around at the pond in his backyard and even see them climbing the walls in his home. The problem is that the rodent populace continues to grow. The biggest fear is that you do not want one to bite you. Like many other rodents, the rat carries diseases and the plague. This brings us to an important question, “How to prevent a rat infestation and is it possible.” The answer is yes with the ten tips made available for you right here.

Tips to Prevent a Rat Plague

The rat is an all year round problem in Las Vegas. They seek shelter during the winter to keep warm, and they are sneaky at it. They come out at night when the house is in the dark and make their way around the home looking for something to eat. The pest is resourceful and enters a building through the smallest crack.

Once they are inside, they cause havoc leaving you at risk of an electrical fire. Furthermore, even the white-footed deer mouse is a risk as it carries the Hantavirus. So how can you prevent this rat invasion from happening? You can follow some simple rules to make this happen:

  • Keep the garage, attic, and crawl space ventilated and dry.
  • Make sure to keep trees and shrubbery trimmed by cutting them back from the house.
  • Repair damaged screens and place door sweeps on the exterior doors.
  • Place screen vents on the opening of the chimney.
  • Make sure that all food is stored in airtight containers and remove garbage on a regular basis.
  • Replace the old weather stripping around windows and the foundation of your home.
  • Make sure you seal up holes and cracks by using steel wool, caulk, or both.
  • Inspect all grocery bags and boxes before bringing it into the home.
  • Check for damaged pipes and blocked drains, as this is a perfect breading spot for any rodent.

If you spot any evidence of a rat infestation, contact Ranger Pest Control your licensed pest professional in Las Vegas. We can take care of your rodent infestation as they reproduce quickly. Get in contact with us today and let us take care of all your pest needs from scorpions, bed bugs, and more.


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