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Pest Control Las Vegas Ants Eating Food

How to keep ants from entering your home is an excellent question as this visitor is typical in any house. But first, you need to find out why they are coming into your living space. When outdoors the ant is a useful insect and performs an essential cleaning task.

The biggest problem Las Vegas residents face is that also move into a building and become a problem. Once in a hollow wall, they have access to any room. In most cases, they are not that interested in the home and can find it to dray or even cold.

The problem is that they are always looking for food under the dinner table or in the kitchen. If you do find one in the building a nest under your roof, the likeliness is that you have wet wood and for them, this is like living in paradise.

So how can you prevent an ant infestation let us find out?

How to Prevent an Ant Infestation

The most important thing is to clean up the kitchen and places where you have sat down to eat. Ants have a great smell and can easily find their way to the leftover crumbs left behind. Furthermore, you need to check for damaged insulation or cracks in the foundation preventing access to your home.

Seal up Cracks and Repair Leaking Pipes

Seal up cracks and holes and make sure the outside doors do not have broken seals allowing them in. We know you cannot seal up your entire home but helps to make it more troublesome for them to find a way inside. Also, check for leaking pipes and gutters near the roof as this is an ant’s haven.

Killing with Poison

One more prevention is to kill them with ant poison such as borax powder placed near windows and doors. You can buy it in any drug store and mixed with a little jam it becomes very useful bait. The insect will take the food to their nest and kill off the whole colony.

To prevent the poison from killing other animals the best is to use a metal can. You can fill it up and squeeze the gap close making the holes small enough for the ant to move through. Furthermore, you can use an ant spray with naturally occurring toxins. The substance attacks the ant’s nervous system and kills them immediately.

Another great product on the market is Diatomaceous Earth Powder. The silicone dioxide injures different insects when they get in touch with it. The product is safe for humans but can contain crystalline silica that damages the lungs over time.

Eco-friendly Deterrents

If you prefer going the natural way, there are good eco-friendly deterrents you can use to keep you and the family safe. The important thing is to keep your house clean and use the following preventions around the home:

  • Throw some cayenne pepper around the house as the ant avoids the area but is not harmful to them.
  • Throw small lines of salt as the insect will not cross the line when on the floor.
  • Another spice found in the home is cinnamon powder. The herb is not toxic to ants, but they do avoid it.
  • Now if you need a toxic deterrent use peppermint essential oil. Draw a line of the oil on the floor, and the ant will not cross over it. The problem is that the oil evaporates quickly and disappears after a while. You can even open up a peppermint teabag as it also prevents them from walking over it.
  • Last on the list is vinegar — you can add it to your cleaning water to mop the floor. The ant does not like the smell.

Are you facing an ant plague?

If you have tried everything to rid your premises of an ant infestation, contact Ranger Pest Control today to help. We offer you an eco-friendly solution to tackle any pest problem no matter what it is. Our qualified team is standing by to take your call.


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