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Think You Have Bed Bugs Call Ranger Pest Control

Some people think bed bugs are a myth or a thing of the past. Bed bugs are very real and more populated than ever. Yes, they feed on human blood and yes, anybody can get bed bugs. Largely due to increase in population, advancements in travel, and multi-housing dwelling, we have the highest numbers in history.

Even though you can take different precautionary measures to keep bed bugs out of your house, these parasitic insects may find a way to get in.  Luckily, a bed bug infestation can be prevented. Here we will look at How do you get bed bugs in Las Vegas and what you can do.

Read on for some top tips on how you can help prevent these from entering your home.


Use Vacuum-sealed Bags as Protective Covers

If you are storing bedding or seasonal clothing, be sure to use sealed bags. This prevents any bugs, not just bed bugs from getting into your clothes or bedding. You can also use these when traveling for full protection.

These bags are vacuum-sealed, where all the air gets sucked out before sealing. The only issue is you have a few creases when you take your sheets or clothes out.


Vacuuming Your Las Vegas Rugs and Carpets

This is one area bed bugs breed and hide. Rugs and carpets offer the ideal condition before they move closer to the bed. Vacuuming needs doing once per week to be sure there are no groups of bed bugs building up out of sight.

One mistake is people leave their hoover bag in their machine without disposing of it. All this does is take your bed bugs for a ride before they find their way out and carry on as usual. It is best to dump the hoover bag in a plastic trash bag you can seal and dispose of quickly.


Be Wary with Second Hand Furniture

Everyone loves a bargain. Many homeowners who see second-hand furniture think they have a great deal. If you spot something, be sure to check all the seams for bed bug signs. You need to avoid mattresses, as this is the quickest way to take them into your home.

Before taking it into your home, you do need to give it a good clean to be sure.

Stopping Bed Bugs from Entering Your Las Vegas Home

It doesn’t matter what you do as a means of stopping bed bugs. You can’t succeed unless you understand what you are looking for, and how to deal with them in the best possible way. All the above are just a means of cleaning them away rather than stopping them from breeding.

Choosing a good local pest control service such as Ranger Pest Control is the best way to be sure you have stopped any further progress of these tiny bugs. With a recurring schedule, you can maintain a clean home with many other pests taken care of.

Bed bugs may be small and insignificant compared to some other insects, yet they are no less intrusive and a nightmare once they make your bed their home.

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