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Roaches Isolated

It can happen when there is any holiday period, or any other time if you are a keen cook or a keen baker. You head into the pantry to get out all your ingredients and are horrified to find you have some unwelcome visitors who are munching on half of your ingredients.

Anything that is in cardboard boxes, or not sealed correctly is a target and a welcome lunch or dinner for these pests. This leaves many keen bakers or cooks, wondering, “How can I prevent pantry pests in Las Vegas this holiday?”

It is true if you clear out your pantry and re-stock, then the tiny critter will be back before you know it. Read on, and you can see what you can do to help, and the best way to eliminate these pests from ruining your baking.


What are the Main Insects I Can Face?

The most common types of pantry pests are Indian Food Moth and flour beetles. Others may include ants, earwigs, and silverfish. The items in your pantry that these pests like to eat are sugars (or anything sweet), flours, ready mixed cake mixes, unsealed cereal boxes, powdered milk, and anything else that might taste good.

Many of these insects not only look for a food source but also want to build nests, mate, and have a constant supply of food for their offspring. If you have this type of infestation, depending on the stage you find them, you may see four phases of insect development, such as eggs, until adulthood.


Preventing Pantry Pests Yourself

If you see these pests, it is too late. However, you can take precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Here are some of the things you can do to keep these insects at bay:

  • Make sure your kitchen and pantry are clean: Clean up and make sure there are no spills or crumbs.
  • Check your new groceries: You can make it easier for pests if you bring them home from the supermarket. Check before you leave, and check before you put them away.
  • Check expiration dates: Some things may not be used that often. If some ingredients are passed their sell-by date – get rid of them.
  • Add a bay leaf to your ingredients: If you have dry goods, add a bay leaf into the container. These may help to repel any insect from venturing too far.
  • Keep your good in airtight containers: This doesn’t just stop insects and pest finding their way inside. It prevents your ingredients from going hard when they soak up moisture.

Stopping Pantry Pests in Las Vegas

You can clean all you want, yet if you have an infestation, all these insects will do is wait, and then begin searching again.

It can take the skills of a pest control officer to find nests and to deal with these pests for the last time. You should toss everything out and clean all the area. The next thing to do before restocking with new ingredients is to contact Ranger Pest Control.

With over 750 Las Vegas homes, which make use of the services from this local pest control company. You can see that you have the best chance to be pantry pest-free once they deal with the main issue of insect nests.

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