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It can be a never-ending struggle to keep pests at bay, no matter how clean your house or well protected you think it is. This can drive homeowners crazy trying to fend off pests and insects, and leave them wondering, “How can I keep my Las Vegas home pest free?”

The first things that are obvious are to pull out the mosquito repellents, bug sprays or cockroach traps, but at the end of the day, this will only solve the issue of the pests you can see. With all the bugs and pests, you can’t see around your home, it may be time to take action that is more drastic.

Read on for some more tips on what you can do before calling in Ranger Pest Control to sort out your issue for the last time.


Sealing Doors

Doors that have gaps around them are an ideal passage for small insects. Therefore, even if you seal all these, there are countless other areas where these annoying critters can invade. Be sure to check all the areas you may not think of.

Pipes, vents, windows can all be other doorways for insects to waltz in as if there was nothing there at all.

Door sweeps can stop gaps underneath a door, but be sure they are nylon rather than vinyl or neoprene. You can purchase door seal kits that will seal around a door, and the same goes for a window. These can also help keep cool air inside and warm air out which may save a few dollars.

If there are gaps around a door frame, then the best solution is calk. You can get this in clear so it doesn’t look unsightly. With all this done, there are no real areas where your local Las Vegas pest control can help.


Pipes and Vents are an Insect Freeway

It is surprising how many holes are around a home where pipes, vents or even cable TV connection can be made. The workman may have finished the inside so it looks like a job well done, yet on the outside, there may still be a gap. This is an open invitation for creepy crawlies to get inside and find their way to a gap into your home.

When they know there is food about, there isn’t much that will prevent them from getting inside. Check vents have insect mesh on the exterior and all other holes have been caulked, as they should in the first place.

You may have screens on your windows, but have you noticed it has pulled away from the corner? Check all your screens because as soon as you open a window, those pests will march right in and make themselves at home.

Calling in Las Vegas Pest Control

Once you have done all this, and your house is spotless, yet you still have an issue. It is time to call for extra help and take the fight to the pests rather than being on the defense.

The best offence in keeping your home pest free is to contact Ranger Pest Control. This family owned company knows all too well, what it is like to be infested with insects regardless of what you do. With hundreds of homes around Las Vegas, which are pest free, it is a testament to their vigilance in clearing the source of the problem.

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