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Yes, we know you think a hobo is a homeless person, but what is a hobo spider? Maybe you have been living in Nevada and never knew such a spider existed. Ranger Pest Control is your Hobo Spider Exterminator and Pest Control in Las Vegas provider. We want to share relevant information with you about this unsettling spider.

What is the Hobo Spider?

The size of the spider is between 0.3 to 0.5-inches, and the color varies from orange, dark brown, to gray-brown. Some species may even have light stripes and challenging to identify.

The spiders also called the aggressive house spider. They spin messy funnel-shaped webs and prefer to live outdoors. The spider, in general, avoids residing in residential spaces, because of the giant house spider.

The toxicity of the spiders debatable once believed to produce necrotic lesions, but not considered valid anymore. They usually will not bite unless provoked or protecting their nest with eggs.

The Biggest Issue Is Not the Bite but the Web

The hobo spider rarely bites people, but their webs are an issue. Outdoors the spider constructs a snare web. The trampoline-like web constricts back into a funnel. You can find them in between cracks of bricks, under woodpiles, or vegetation. When inside the home they build the same web in dark and moist areas.

The hobo spider runs fast and sometimes they are not easy to recognize because of their color. The best way to prevent them from making your home their abode is proper cleaning. You can reduce clutter and debris in the house where it goes unused. To stop them outdoors you can keep the lawn maintained and seal cracks or holes serving as an entry to the building.

Eliminating the Hobo Spider

Whether you have a hobo spider or any other species roaming the home they can become pests. For some people, a spider bite can be harmful if they are sensitive to the venom. If you currently have a spider infestation, it is best to call in a trained pest management service.

A comprehensive spider service includes three crucial steps:

  • Inspections are done to determine the source of invasion, identifying the spider, and possible entry points
  • Treatment comprises of various methods from treating the baseboards, doors, windows, and the foundation of the structure. By using a cure, it helps reduce the population indoors and outdoors.
  • Follow-up inspections essential to make sure that all the spiders eliminated and continual treatments recommended making sure the building is free of spiders.

Our pest control management services can help resolve your spider or any other pest issue. We use different methods of treatment and techniques from observation, elimination, powder, and fluid applications. Call us for a free quote today and get the help you need to eliminate creepy crawlers from your home.


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