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Bee Removal Infestation In Home Walls Las Vegas NV

Did you know that bugs have not always been pests? They served as a healthy food source for many people over the years. Furthermore, insects help to pollinate plants around the world. But how did “pest control” begin, as humans did not always carry around a can of bug spray with them to rid creepy crawlies. Let us look at the history of the exterminator.

Creepy Crawly History

The first ever known mention of pest infestations comes from ancient Babylonian times. The worshipped a fly-like insect known as the “God of Pestilence.” A fact is that people already had an indication of what bugs can do and the diseases they brought with them. Tablets are dating back about 2500 B.C., with inscriptions done by a Sumerian doctor, referencing sulfur as a treatment for itch caused by insect bites. Even the Old Testament in the Bible, pottery from Egypt and Peru describe insects being present. Right through to the Dark Ages they have always been there.

The First Exterminators

The first ever known pest control took place in the Middle Ages when people started to exterminate rats. Humans used chemicals from plant extracts to try killing the critters. In the 1300s Chaucer wrote of the “rattons quell.” The word means, “Rat Kills.”

Another well-known fact was the Black Plague that destroyed the population in the late 1500s. Queen Elizabeth established a series of regulations to help sanitize public spaces. People linked insects to filth, garbage, and waste. Barbers became some form of an exterminator, as they had to pick out lice and insects to stop them from spreading from one person to another.

By the beginning of the 1800s, there was an entire fleet of “rat catchers” present in Europe. They used different techniques from a dog to chemicals to bring out rodents. The first pest control company was known as Tiffon and Son. Eventually, Europe’s pest control services migrated in the late 19th century to America, bringing with them their knowledge.

The Beginning of Insecticide and Pesticides

For thousands of years, there has been mention of pesticide compounds used to rid farms and homes of pests. A well-known poison red squill was used in the first millennium B.C. Later people replaced it with arsenic in 1250 A.D. After the 1800s, people replaced the known formulation with copper, nicotine, to fluorides to rid bugs.

The 1st generation of pesticides knows was very dangerous and required the hand of an exterminator to kill pests and rodents. Because of the chemical dangers, it sparked the WWII to develop a 2nd generation pesticide that was safer for humans to use (think of DDT, but not entirely harmless.)

During the 1970s, the FDA became involved and started regulating and approving pest professionals and pesticides. These days’ pest exterminators need certification and have a license to practice within the U.S. All this led to the regulations you know today. Ranger Pest Control “includes pest management,” and use safe chemical-tested pesticides.

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