You may think this is a funny question to ask. However, the fact is rodents can ruin your car and put you in the need of a Rodent Exterminator in Las Vegas.

A fact is that every minute some mechanic is uncovering strange things in a vehicle. Many of them have seen the destruction caused by mice, squirrels, rats, chipmunks, and opossums.

The chance is if you get into your car one morning and find it does not start—it may be a rodent causing the problem.

They even chew through plastic panels, hoses, and car parts to use it as nesting material. Furthermore, they urinate on the interior and leave a not so pleasant smell.

So how do I know I have mice in my car?

Firstly, rodents are not clean, and you will need to look for evidence. You can search for droppings, use your senses to sniff out bad odors or listen for any weird sounds.

The most common sound is the heater fan vibrating and rumbling. Mice love to build their nest in the dark and warm areas. Therefore, the heater blower motor is the best place to look.

Another funny thing is once you turn the fan on these critters makes it their amusement park, and if they do not get out in time, all hell breaks loose. You can imagine the mess and the smell after a couple of days.

You can even find them nibbling on the hoses of the windshield washer or use the HVAC blower motor to nest.

Now, how must I keep them out of my car?

Many people have used electronic, chemical, biological, and mechanical methods to make the rodent infestation in the vehicle disappear.

Some of the tactics may work while others discourage them from making the vehicle a rodent hotel. Sometimes, you need to use some of the methods together to work.

Do you already have a mouse in the vehicle?

Here the important thing is to rid the car of the rodent, the nest, and droppings. You can use a vacuum to help with the process.

Try to rinse out the engine using a garden hose and wash away the rodents scent. Check the whole vehicle for damages and double check the engine compartment. If you are uncertain, contact your mechanic to help recognize the signs.

Once completing the above—it is time to take preventative actions:

  • Start by keeping the area clean from food and clutter. Remove trash, boxes, and thick foliage in the surroundings of the car. Alternatively, make sure your vehicle is spotless on the inside as well.
  • Prevent storing pet’s food or birdseed in the garage as mice and rats find theses tidbits delicious. If you do need to store, these items close to the vehicle make sure it is in rodent-proof containers.
  • Always keep the garage light on and the hood open as it may discourage them from using it for nesting. Some rodents cannot sleep with a bright light, as they prefer dark places.
  • Use repellent fragrances like Irish Spring Soap by cutting it into cubes and drilling holes into each one. Wrap it with wire around the soap and tie it under the hood where it does not get hot. You can rub the soap on different surfaces as well.
  • For mice, you can use peppermint oil applied to cotton balls fixed in the same way as the soap. Alternatively, you can place laundry dryer sheets under the hood as well.
  • Another excellent repellent is spraying Pine-Sol into the engine compartment. However, do not let it get onto the battery and you can spray it around the windshield wipers.
  • Block the points of entry such as the air intakes or open wheel wells with mesh.

Some other ways are to use electronic deterrents that plug into the wall socket or the car lighters plug. Furthermore, if you do leave the vehicle unused, make sure to start the engine often.

Alternatively, you can get a cat and best to get one with the right hunting instincts. Now if you feel you have a rodent infestation on your property, you need to take it a step further and call in a professional rodent exterminator.

Ranger Pest Control is your local Las Vegas rodent exterminator who can help remove from mice, rats, squirrels, to other pests from your premises.

Contact us today for a free estimate and advice to prevent rodent infestations from taking over your car and house.

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