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Since 2017, cockroaches have been thriving among residential areas and businesses, especially the catering trade. Throughout last year, the infestation spread and one of the most common pests is the German cockroach.

Are you experiencing problems with these critters? Regent Pest Control is your German cockroach pest control and exterminator in Las Vegas. However, why are they infesting the local businesses? Read on and find out.

Finding Cockroaches in Las Vegas is No Surprise

Until now, many restaurants closed their doors due to the German cockroach. The common species has a brown color and grows up to ½ -inch long when developed. The adults have two darkish brown stripes on the head. Furthermore, they have wings but do not use it frequently.

The insect’s lifespan is up to a year, and they reproduce quickly. The pest can carry more than forty eggs with them until the time arrives for them to hatch. From a control standpoint, you can now see why so many eatery businesses have closed their doors. As there are many eating places in the city, you can find this pestilent in large numbers, as there is food readily available.

When they are not able to find food, they move along the sewer systems and make their way to your home. They thrive in humid areas and can become a significant health risk and nuisance. They contaminate food with their waste products and leave an odor in the vicinity if an infestation has taken place.

For some people, they leave germs and bacteria causing asthma attacks. So why have restaurants closed their doors? A German cockroach treatment does not come cheap and needs control on all fronts. The chance is that diner owners used commercial pesticides and did not help to rid the invasion.

Further, you must monitor the kitchen regularly and keep it clean, they have to care, and those who have closed most likely did not care.

How Do You Prevent a Cockroach Invasion?

The most important thing is cleanliness and sanitation as the insect loves to dwell in poorly cleaned areas. In restaurants, the German cockroach has enough water and food, and if not clean, it becomes difficult to get rid of them. Each part of your home or business needs to be sanitized and clean.

Make sure to caulk and seal small gaps under doors and windows. Monitor fixtures for mold as a roach can lay it body flat and enter through the smallest crack. If you happen to have a roach infestation and it is a problem treatment is necessary.

Contact us, and we will inspect the problem and provide you with recommendations for the best prevention. We have a broad selection of goods available to help control roaches in the home or business.

With ongoing prevention, we can help control the problem and keep your door open for business.


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