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The Unwelcome Guest in the Home

In any household, the flea is an unwelcome guest. Do you have pets then the likeliness is you have this small irritating insect roaming around the home. The flea becomes active in fall and the summer months. The problem is that you can keep them at bay by using flea treatment medications on your pet, but they do not help eradicate the problem.

You need to take into consideration many factors and may require a flea exterminator control & removal in Vegas to handle the problem. So why do you need an expert? The problem is that keeping your pet flea-free does not remove those fleas already roaming around indoors and outdoors.

So how do you deal with the problem—Ranger Pest Controls here to help?

                                              Facts about Fleas

The flea is an intrusive pest that bites you and your guests and becomes an embarrassment for all making the home miserable. You can find more than 2000 species of this pest worldwide. The common flea found in many homes is the cat flea that also travels on your dog.

These small critters are aggressive biters when in contact with humans. The problem you are facing is that if you do not have pets and fleas present the likeliness is that you have a rat or mouse infestation. We approach and control the Northern Rat Flea differently compared to a cat flea.

The flea pierces your skin, sucks up your blood, and blows through its body to nourish them.

Interesting Facts about Fleas

The flea spreads like wildfire as the eggs are small and hatch within ten days. The female lays her eggs on the host, and they can fall off and hatch in carpets, bedding and more. The female flea lays dozens of eggs on a day for up to three months leading to fast population growth. The larva needs up to 50% humidity to survive, and the inside of your home is the best incubator for these small critters.

Take Action Today

Do you have a flea infestation and need to take control measures, contact us today. We will come and inspect your premises to find out what species of flea is present. We will examine the interior and outside of your premises or building. From our findings, we will make available a written recommendation with clear expectations about the management plan.

Our technical adviser will review the findings with you. Once agreed upon the implementation, we follow four different levels of control. We will start with a treatment to deny access for the fleas to enter. We will do a habitat & harborage modification that makes the location undesirable. Further, we will do a mechanical and physical change with judicious applications of material to regulate the insect growth and disrupt the growth cycle.

Once completing the treatment, we document everything and arrange for follow-up contact.


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