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Do you own pets? You do then you know how annoying a flea can be. You took Bonzo with on a trip, and by the time, you returned home the pestilence was all over him.

The problem is a flea can thrive in different temperatures. You may think the scorching desert heat in Nevada will kill them off wrong.

The problem is that it needs a combination of high temperatures with low humidity to die naturally. The problem is that sometimes it is not enough. Is your home infested then you need a flea exterminator control & removal in Las Vegas?

Take the Cautionary Steps to Reduce the Flea Population

Before grabbing for the chemical applications, you need to take cautionary steps to reduce the flea population. You may find that the heat does kill off some of them, while the low humidity will kill some more. However, the problem is not only on the pet it is on the inside of the home as well.

The inside of the home remains humid, and the flea thrives on this temperature. You can take precautionary steps instead of using harmful chemicals. The insect will find nourishment from the blood of its host and is not a fussy eater, but they do prefer hairy animals.

The pest can jump long distances to find its meal, and any passerby makes for a great host. So what is the solution? Prevention is the cure in three easy steps.

Take care of the cause:

The flea originates outdoors so make sure you keep bushes and grass maintained and remove leaves or organic build-up. The pest loves the shade of leaves, and it makes for a great home. You can treat the yard with a flea & tick control to wipe out the lifecycle that can take place.

Take care of your pets:

You can protect your animal friends with a natural product Wondercide. The organic spray you can apply to the pet before entering the home, going to a dog park, or walking wooded trails. The repellent prevents the fleas from hitching a ride on them and infesting the house. Further, you can wash your pet thoroughly once or twice a week. Make sure the pet’s bed or kennels kept clean.

Deal With Flea Infestation In The Home

Ranger Pest Control knows that an indoor flea infestation is frustrating. You must never let these critters get you down. You can use the Wondercide in the home as well by creating a barrier to prevent entry into your living space.

By doing quarterly maintenance and keeping, the home aired and mats vacuumed, all year round, it keeps the pest away. You can wash the carpets with shampoo as it prevents the fleas from breeding.

However, if the problem persists, you can contact us today to help exterminate and control the problem. We are a trusted pest control service that uses Enviro safe products to control rodents in your home.


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