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As the temperature starts rising in Las Vegas so does the bug population kick up a notch. The beginning of summer is the time for scorpions to make their way into your home. The active pest is one of the least understood critters found in the house. Here we have some facts about the Las Vegas scorpion and myths for you to read about this prickly friend.

Facts and Myths about Scorpions

Toxic is not the same as deadly:

The most common scorpion found in Los Vegas is the Bark. The small pest is the same size as a house key. The bug is considered one of the most venomous scorpions in Nevada but does not always cause death. Fatalities of this insect are rare, and the majority of cases result in discomfort, numbing, and swelling.

Three primary conditions cause severe complications from a scorpion sting:

The likeliness that an adult will suffer harsh conditions from a scorpion sting is less than a small child being stung. A child’s body can experience prolonged and inflated symptoms. The problem is that their immune system is not the same as adults and has issues metabolizing the venom. The same applies to older adults as they are more susceptible to complications from a scorpion sting.

Are you allergic to a bee sting?

If you are, then you need to be extra careful of a scorpion sting. The fact is that you need to follow the same precaution as you would if stung by a bee. You can wait to see if your symptoms start to escalate, but instead head over to ER and have yourself checked out instead.

Baby scorpions are not as dangerous as the adults are:

Unfortunately, no validated research indicates that baby scorpions are not deadly. So best to treat them the same as you would the adults. If you have heard that baby rattlesnakes are not able to control the amount of poison they inject, the same applies to scorpions.

Scorpions can stay alive without food and water for a long time:

To some extent, this is true, but the real reason they are moving into your home is the need for water and not food. Scorpions can survive without food for a long time but not water and cooler temperatures. What does attract them are the cool areas in your home, and the fact that you may have a swimming pool for water is their biggest attraction.

Scorpions are out of control in the desert:

The truth is that there are not that many scorpions in the desert surrounding Las Vegas. A fact is that they are native to the land, but humans have made the population worse. People have given them excellent breeding conditions on properties to survive. For years, we have provided them with water supply as we water our plants and lawn. Our homes protect them from their habitual predators, and the walls in our house keep them sheltered.

A fact is that they are trying to survive just like the rest of us. If you feel uncertain that you have a scorpion problem at home—contact Ranger Pest Control today and let us check it out.



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