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Bed Bug On Matress In Vegas Home

Exploring Interesting Bug Facts

Every day you see so-called facts in the media about bugs that make your skin crawl. But the actuality is that the majority of the information is false. Luckily, we here at Rangers Pest Control can provide you with the correct facts about Las Vegas bugs.

Popular Insect Myths

Over the years, many myths have made their way into the home and here some of the popular ones related to bugs:

Spiders fall into our mount at night, and we swallow them:

How many of you have been made aware of this story? According to the folklore, we swallow up to 15 spiders a year. For you, this may sound terrifying, and if you have arachnophobia, you are most likely not sleeping. We are delighted to advise you that this is not true. A fact is the likeliness of you ever swallowing a spider in your life will not happen (unless it landed up in your glass, and believe us you will feel it in your mouth.)

Poor sanitation brings bed bugs:

Maybe you think living in an upper-class neighborhood prevents bed bugs from entering your home. Wrong, cleanliness has nothing to do with this pest infestation. Have you ever seen a bed bug come up to and ask for your bank statement? Whether you live in an apartment building, small home, or mansion—once these critters latch on to you they move into your house.

The poisonous spider is the Daddy Longlegs

The myth is one of the oldest in the world. According to legend, the spider is venomous but cannot bite through your skin. The fact is that they can chew through your skin, but their poison is not as potent as a red-bellied widow spider.

Appalling Facts about Bugs

The deadliest living thing on earth is the Mosquito:

For most residents in Nevada, a mosquito leaves irritating bites, but the truth is that this insect kills millions of humans every year. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, they have killed more people than a war ever recorded in history. So take the needed steps to prevent this infestation from taking over your home.

Spiders are orderly:

A fact is that they love places where there has not been a broom present for ages. The more dust there is in your home the likeliness is that you can have a spider infestation. They love living in corners of the floor, ceiling, behind furniture, behind the closet, and underneath the bed. To prevent this bug from making your house their home make sure to keep it clean.

Cockroaches can survive without their head:

Yep, the critters that make your skin crawl can survive without their head. They can stay alive headless for up to a week. The reason is that they have a circulatory system and breathes alongside their segmented body. Furthermore, they can even hold their breath up to 40 minutes under water.

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