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An Odd Looking Insect

Earwigs in Las Vegas are slowly becoming a problem in residential areas. A what-what do they look like? We are sure you have seen one roaming around the home. The pest has an odd-looking shape with pincers that stick out from the abdomen.

They look intimidating but are not poisonous, and do not spread any diseases. The size can vary depending on the species, and an adult can grow up to 25mm. Further, they have a slender body with hind wings that fold underneath the front wings.

You can find more than twenty species, and some produce a foul-smelling liquid to defend themselves. Another exciting thing is they cluster together in large numbers, and prefer wet areas such as the bathroom. But what problem do they cause for you? Lets’ discover together what this small insect can do.

Earwig Superstition

Maybe it is the fact that there are many superstitions about the tiny critter. One of them is that they burrow into your ears while you are sleeping. Believe us this is only a myth and has no proven basis. They do frighten humans with their pincers creeping you out. A fact is that they use the forceps as a defense mechanism against other rival earwigs.

What is not a myth is that they can cause havoc in your garden, especially if you have enough ground cover, food, and wet soil. They live on sprouts or any decaying vegetation, and some are predators. The insects move fast, and you can see them moving ground litter as they run.

During the day they hide in damp areas and cracks in the kitchen or bathroom. And outdoors you can find them under logs, mulch, and rocks and mostly active at night. Further, they are attracted to light and become a nuisance on patios and porches at night.

But how did you get earwigs in the home?

When the weather changes the insect wind up indoors seeking food and shelter. The bug prefers cool areas and tends to enter your living space when the seasons dry. You will find them in areas where there is water, and they can find their way into the bedroom as well.

The female lays up to 50 eggs depending on the species, and after the eggs hatch they undergo up to five molts. The only difference between an adult and nymph is that they do not have wings. With this in mind, they can infect different areas of your home.

If they are intimidated, they might use their pincers to grasp your finger, but do not sting you and is not dangerous. The pinch could cause some discomfort and break the skin in rare cases. The most significant threat is that they depend on garden plants to survive.

How do you get rid of them?

The best way to control them is to eliminate the hiding place. If you do not address the harborage, using insecticide will not get it under control. Here are some precautions you can take:

  • Clean up landscaping by removing logs, firewood piles, and decorative stones.
  • Create a zone next to the foundation of your house by eliminating moist soil and keep it free of mulch and dead leaves.
  • Remove overhanging branches and make sure you have proper drainage around the home.
  • You can switch over to exterior lighting shining from your yard onto the home, as it will attract them away from the structure.
  • Make sure crawl spaces and screens are not blocked.
  • Keep moisture-prone areas dry.

Call a Professional Earwig Remover Today

The best way to eliminate the problem is to call Ranger Pest Control to have an inspection, identification, and control done. Our technicians are trained to help manage any pests you have causing a problem in the home. We design a solution for every situation you find yourself. Controlling vermin is an ongoing process and not a one-time solution. We assess, implement, and monitor the problem. Get the right solution today to keep those small critters out of your place.


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