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Rat Pest Control Las Vegas

It is cold outside you are preparing dinner for the family and hear a scratch! You look around what do you see a mouse running over the kitchen floor. Oh, it is only a field mouse nothing to be concerned about it must be getting cold. Wrong there are many dangers of mice in Las Vegas and believe us it will become an unwelcomed guest in the home.

How do Rodents get Inside the Home?

Whether it is a mouse or rat, they can come through the smallest hole around the home. If there are cracks in the foundation, they will find it and make their way indoors. The varmint can enter through broken roof tiles and only need a tiny space to enter. They chew through fiberglass and wood. The mouse can collapse their entire body and internal organs to get through. Furthermore, they are determined critters and crawl up through pipes to find an opening and chew their way through.

Where Do They Like to Hide?

The likeliness is that the mouse you saw running around the kitchen has been living in the home for a while. The critter hides behind walls, as it is quiet and gives them easy access to food. You can find them behind baseboards, in the attic, and basement. They live within furniture and chew up newspapers and insulation to build a nest.

Finding one is tricky, the best way to spot one is to look for fecal, and urine stains. Other places to look at are chewed baseboards, furniture, holes, shredded paper and more. You will see dirty smudges on the walls and leave dirty smears. Sometimes you can hear them chewing away on wood.

They are nocturnal, and if you spot one, the likeliness is that you have a rodent infestation.

Are They Dangerous?

Yes, they are! The mouse carries illnesses and becomes a health risk. They make a huge mess and urinate or defecate everywhere to mark their place. Furthermore, they carry pathogens that lead to health problems as follow:

  • Colorado Tick Fever – Rodents carry ticks that cause life-threatening diseases when it bites you.
  • Hantavirus – When in contact with urine or feces of deer mice it transmits to your body and makes you very sick. When you have an infestation of mice in the home, the urine dries and turns to dust carrying the virus.
  • Lyme disease – The sickness spreads via ticks that mice carry.
  • Plague – Both mice and rats caused the Bubonic plague with the fleas they carry and mosquitoes biting them.
  • Salmonella – Rodents eat anything they can get their sharp teeth in. They walk over the kitchen counter, in the pantry, and spread bacteria over food substances. Salmonella is food poisoning and gives you severe stomach cramps, fever, diarrhea, and

The critical thing to remember is that rodents are not clean and covered in parasites like fleas and ticks. So if you spot a mouse or rat in the home, you need to get rid of it.

How Do You Get Rid of Mice?

The best way is to block them out. Make sure the grass stays short around the home and seal up spaces they use to get access. Seal up the cracks in the foundation and repair the roof. Make sure to seal up wires and pipes leading outdoors. And lastly, make sure that all doors in the home and garage are equipped with door sweeps. Once these small critters get into the house, they cause devastation and challenging to get out. Contact Ranger Pest Control to help rid your living space of pests and rodents living in the house.


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