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Is Jiminy Cricket Invading Your Home?

At first, they may seem cute— you can see one or two hopping past your toes when standing in the kitchen working. You grab a cup to snatch them up and release them outside. Then, the crickets in Las Vegas multiplied from one in the bathroom, two in the living room, and another bouncing around on your bed.

Eventually, you become a cricket killer, it slowly becomes a sport, and you are left with limbs to clean up. The problem is you are not a match for them. Once you turn the light on at night, you are surrounded by an army of them, and their chirping drives you insane.

So what is your next step as you have researched all the remedies available on the internet? You have made molasses traps, but the crickets are winning. You have considered getting a leopard gecko that enjoys making crickets its meal. But just the thought of Geico running around in the home makes you shiver.

Ranger Pest Control is here to help control your cricket invasion.

Why is Jiminy invading your House?

The insect likes warm climates, and yes, they are known for their annoying chirping sounds. Usually, you will find them outdoors, and occasionally they make their way into the home. They feed on other insects and plants but once they enter your living space they cause havoc everywhere they go, especially to your fabrics.

Once they find a supply of food like wasted crumbs, the kitchen becomes their haven. The insect has two antennas, a three-part body, six jointed legs and breaths through the sides of their body. The house cricket hears through the eardrum found on the front leg.

Further, they can vary in color from black to brown and jump three feet in the air. And a fact is that you can have three different species making your home their refuge. You have the Field Cricket, House Cricket, and Camel Cricket. The fact that you notice one or two is the start of a romantic relationship as they can lay up to 400 eggs at a time.

The eggs take 90-days to mature and become a pest with large numbers invading your property making them destructive.

How do you rid the home of Jiminy?

Do you have a cricket infestation or other pest problem invading your living space give us a call? The truth is that this singing insect is not a threat to humans. But they can cause damage to your bedding and furniture if soiled with food stains. We are a licensed pest control service that can help eliminate the infestation problem. Our staff is qualified to handle any form of bug army, contact us, and get a quote today!



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