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The Boxelder bug in Las Vegas is harmless yet remains a nuisance pest. During the fall months and spring, they are active, and breeding begins in spring. Once fall arrives, they start congregating for the winter. You can find the bug on south-facing walls looking for warmth.

Further, they emit an odor to attract more insects to the location. The pest is not dangerous for humans and does not do much damage to plants or trees, but their smells unpleasant when a lot of them congregate together. When crushed the scent is overwhelming and leaves a red stain and annoying when it happens in the home.

Because they do not pose a threat using insecticides not recommended as poison does more harm than good, luckily, Ranger Pest Control can help with putting up a good offense to help reduce the bug infestation.

Start By Removing Their Habitat

As the name shows, the insect has a big taste for the Boxelder tree. They love the female species of the tree, and you can spot them around the maple tree as well. If you have any of these trees in the area, it helps to remove the tree to rid it of the nuisance bug. Call in the local nursery to see if they cannot remove the tree to a different location where it will bother no one.



Clear the Fallen Seeds

If removing the tree is not an option you can make sure the fallen seeds removed as soon as possible. It helps if you do this regularly as the insects attracted to the grain. By keeping, the yard clear of debris and more does not only keep the Boxelder away but prevents invasion of other pests as well.

Seal up Cracks and Openings

To prevent them from entering the home you must make sure there are no cracks or openings for them to get in. They usually will not try to gain access until autumn arrives. They look for a place where they can hide from the cold, and your home becomes the best abode to keep warm.

Getting Rid of the Annoyance

Here are some alternatives you can use to get rid of the bug:

  • Insecticidal Soap – the majority of detergents work well to eradicate the insect when used in a spray. What the soap does is remove the insect’s exoskeleton leading to its death. The problem is there is no enduring effect. It helps if you spray the bug directly, and once the solvent dries, it has no further impact. You can control a large population with it.
  • Pyrethrins Pesticides – the organic compound comes from plants and attacks the insect’s nervous system. The insecticides biodegradable so make sure to follow the instructions on using any pesticide whether natural or not.
  • Water Spray – while the bug is gathering on the wall give it a good spray of water with the garden hose. The insect drowns easily, and a heavy mist can kill many at the same time.

The problem is there is no definite solution to eliminate the bug. If you have a Boxelder problem, the best is to give us a call to see what we can do to help. The best prevention to keep the population under control is to seal entryways. If the methods above do not work, we recommend you call in an expert pest service.

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