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Where is the Black Widow in winter?

During the summer, there are many black widows in Las Vegas. But what happens to them during winter? In the bug world, the dreaded spider leaves you paralyzed with fear and for a good reason. The spider is non-aggressive and has potent venom. If threatened it will not hesitate to bite you, and the poison is fifteen times stronger than a rattlesnake. But where do they go in winter? Interesting question and you can find the answer here.

A Shy Character

The black widow spider is a shy character. The only time they will bite is when you disturb the web. The spider lives in warmer climates and feels at home in the desert. But what happens to them during the winter? Most of the part the spider lives outdoors. The pest builds irregular looking webs and loves to live in rock piles, sprinkler valve boxes, and under furniture. Another favorite place for them to stay is in the garage, under windowsills and playground equipment.

The Survival of the Black Widow

The Black Widow adapts to their environment, and the winter does not harm them. They go into an overwintering state and look for warmer locations such as storage sheds, the home, garage and more. The spider will hibernate like a bear, and the metabolic rate slows down to conserve energy. They tuck their legs in and become dormant. In spring, they emerge again, and mating occurs through to early summer. The spiderlings grow into adults, and by late summer, they are mature. The adult black widow becomes very active during the late summer and fall.

How do you prevent them from entering the home?

To prevent them invading your living space, you need to keep the home clutter free and seal off all possible entry points. You can install weather stripping and screens to keep them and other pests out. When removing old boxes or unwanted items in dark corners make sure to wear gloves. If you do find that you have an infestation of spiders or other pests, contact Ranger Pest Control immediately. For you and your family, this is the safest way to control the black widow spider in the home.


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