Las Vegans are no strangers to the Arizona Bark Scorpion.

The tiny devil is the most poisonous scorpion and gives a mean sting known to North Americans.

Maybe you have experienced a sting of the bark scorpion yourself. While they live in notoriety, there may be some facts you do not know about this scorpion.

Ranger Pest Control wants to protect you and your loved ones, and have compiled a list of facts to identify and prevent the critter from stinging you!

We say prevention is better than cure.

By adequately identifying and providing effective pest control, you can prevent the bite of the bark scorpion in the home.

The first fact is the Arizona Bark Scorpion travels in packs compared to other scorpions that live solitary. You can find them wandering alone, but your real danger is during the winter. In the colder months, they bunk together in packs of up to thirty.

Therefore, if you see one of them roaming around the room, you can bet your money on it that there are more. The second fact is they only grow 3-inches long and can climb vertically.

Unlike other scorpion species, the Arizona Bark can climb uneven upright surfaces. The third truth is the bark scorpion prefers to keep their tail to the side and not to the body.

The fourth fact is, compared to other arachnids; the bark scorpion gives live birth called scorplings. The scorpion can give birth to up to 35 scorplings at a time in early summer.

The fifth fact is they prefer walking along walls as they have terrible eyesight and sting when startled. The bark scorpion can also live up to six years and can get into your home through a hole the size of a credit card. That is why you need to seal up spaces between the foundations well.

The sixth fact is they are nocturnal, and the best time look for them in the home and yard is at night. You can use a black light to see them as they glow with UV light.

The seventh fact is a crucial component to fight the infestation as moisture during the summer months attract them. Never leave water standing, as the chance of a scorpion infestation is enormous.

Have you seen a bark scorpion around the home? Call in professional help today.

You will benefit from using a professional scorpion exterminator service in your home or business. We can handle any infestation from the inspection to the treatment to protect your property from the bark scorpion.

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