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How many times have you heard you must not touch yellow jackets in Las Vegas?

Maybe you have met up with some of them during the spring and summer. The truth is you do not want to mingle with the small stinging insect as it stings repeatedly.

Therefore, it makes the venom of the yellow jacket dangerous if you have an allergy for flying insects.

Are you need to Las Vegas and do not have a clue what insect we are referring to. Here is how you can identify a Yellow Jacket.

A fact is the insect differs from hornets, bumblebees, paper wasps, and honeybees. The stinging insect is small between ⅜ and ⅝ inches with a yellow and black color. The insect has a thinner waist compared to bees and prefers to nest near to the ground.

Most of the time, they have nests made of paper carton, and they are aggressive when trying to defend their nest and population.

So why are there Yellow Jackets Close to your home?

You will find the flying close to trashcans, food, and plants, as they love nectar and sugary liquids. Therefore, if you have many flowers o have the habit of leaving your trashcan lid open you will most likely find them in your yard every year.

Other attractions are fruit trees, fallen fruit, pet food, and insects like spiders, flies, and caterpillars.

So how harmful is the Yellow Jacket? The best is to avoid them and be cautious when you do find one in the home. When the yellow jacket feels threatened or is busy looking for food, they will hover over you and keeps on stinging.

The sting is painful, and a couple of bites may not be harmful, but if you do get an allergic reaction to stinging insects, you need to get medical attention.

So how do I prevent them from living on my property?

The best way to control them during spring and summer is to remove and maintain the food source from flowers to the insects they feed on.

Make sure you cover the trash with a tight-fitting lid and never leave the garbage, food, or drinks out. If you suspect the yellow jacket has a nest on your property, get a professional pest control company to remove it.

Most importantly, keeps the yard clean by removing debris attracting them to build a nest.

Ranger Pest Control is a professional yellow jacket control that can help rid your property of this stinging insect.

Never try to deal with the problem yourself as it can lead to disaster. With our expert help, we will remove the yellow jackets safely—give us a call today!

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