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Many homeowners cringe at the sight of insects around there home or in their yard. This is even truer if they have children, and they fear they may get stung or bitten.

Before calling in the best pest control company in the area, you are better asking first, “Are There Any Bugs in Las Vegas Which Are Not Pests?”

There are plenty of insects that are beneficial to humans, are not just out to sting, and bite every chance they get. Even if you did call the local pest control company, they would advise to leave these alone and just to worry about other species.

Before making that call, read on to find which bugs may be helpful.


Why Can Bugs Help Around My Home?

There are three types of bugs that can help all of us. Their roles are very different from each other and these are as follows:


  • Decomposers: These feed on anything they find which is dead. They are not too worried about what it is as long as it is easy food for them.
  • Pollinators: These are a necessity for flowers and crops that flower. Without pollinators, then there would be no plants being reproduced. Bees are one of the prime culprits for this, and even if they can sting, this is rare in comparison to the good they do.
  • Predators: These are nature’s way of putting pest control in Las Vegas gardens. Lacewings and Ladybugs being two main insects that will tackle nastier insects. This is true if you have vegetables, and these little colored beauties can do a good job. Along the way, you may find a few of them being picked up by birds that frequent your garden.


Types of Good Bugs Around the Home

There are many other types of bugs that won’t be killed by the local Las Vegas pest exterminator. These can include dragonflies. These are ideal for helping maintain the mosquito population. They feed on larvae of many pests, yet when around water they can keep mozzies at bay.

Assassin bugs can be purchased form some garden centers. These will help by feeding on many of the insects, which can ruin crops and vegetables.

Where to Find Real pest Control in Las Vegas?

There are many bugs and insects, which are very useful to have in your garden. However, they mainly appear to be helping with flowers and plants rather than keeping insects from inside the home or getting rid of yellow jackets from around the garden.

These kinds of jobs are left up to the professional pest control experts. Luckily, it is easy to find the ideal one because there are hundreds of homeowners who are pest free already. Contact Ranger Pest Control, and they can come around and see what nasty bugs you have, and what they can do to resolve your Las Vegas pest control problem.

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