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When the temperature rises in Las Vegas, you see bugs becoming more active, and scorpions come out to party. For many residents, they are a lively pest and are one of the least understood. Here are 5 interesting facts about scorpions in Las Vegas you may not have known.

Fact One—Poisonous is Not the Same as Deadly

The most common species found in Las Vegas is the bark scorpion. The arachnid is small in size and one of the most venomous species in Nevada. However, this does not mean they are deadly, and fatalities are rare. The majority of cases results in discomfort, numbing, or swelling.

When severe cases happen, it can be that it is a small child and can experience symptoms. Their bodies smaller compared to an adult. Their immune systems weak and the body is struggling to metabolize the venom. The same applies to elderly folk as their defense systems not as strong.

Lastly, if you suffer allergies from insect stings such as a bee or wasp you need to be extra careful. If a scorpion stings you and you are, allergic to insect bites you need to follow the same procedures. Make sure to head over to the ER rather than waiting for it to escalate.

Fact Two—Scorpions Can Survive a Long Time without Food

Do you have scorpions roaming around the home? Maybe you believe that they are there for food. The truth is that the arachnid can survive without food and water for a long time.

A fact is they do need food and water to survive, but that is not the reason you find them in your premises. During the summer month, they are looking for cooler temperatures and water, and your home makes for the best habitat.

Fact Three—Baby Scorpions Are Poisonous

Many statements stipulate that baby scorpions cannot control the amount of venom it injects into its prey. Unfortunately, there is no validated research to prove this, and a baby arachnid remains poisonous.

Fact Four—Scorpions Are Widespread in the Desert

Many people believe that the scorpion is rampant in the desert. The truth is that there are not that many left in the desert. They are native to the barren desert, but we made as humans made it worse.

As developments took place for several decades, we have provided them with an excellent breeding space. We have water in abundance as we wet the garden and fill up our pools. For years, our gardens keep them protected from their natural environment and predators.

They use your home for shelter, and there is nothing one can do about it to stop the process.

Fact Five—the Thought of Seeing One Instills Fear

For many people, this is true as they have a unique stinging ability. They can regulate the amount of poison emitted from the tail. Sometimes they will give you a warning sting known as pre-venom. When the threat continues, it will inject venom that is more potent.

In Las Vegas, you can find two types of species the Arizona Bark and Striped Bark. Both of these scorpions give a painful sting and the venoms more dangerous for children and the elderly. Do you have a scorpion infestation, contact Rodent Pest Control to help rid your property of the scary arachnid today?



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